AMD Ryzen 7800X3D with A620 Chipset on Par with a X670 Combo

AMD Ryzen 7800X3D with A620 Chipset on Par with a X670 Combo

AMD did not enable overclocking on the 3D CPUs for a reason. The 3D CPUs are not good at thermals and therefore, overclocking may lead to the death of the CPU which is why the 3D chips have to rely on the stock base/boost frequencies.

That said, this allows users to go with a cheaper option, the A620 chipset motherboard will cost less and provide the most basic features needed.

The dilemma here is whether will the A620 chipset compete with the X670 in terms of letting the CPU do its job at its full potential. As Ryzen 7800X3D is currently the best gaming CPU, users are trying to find out the best value CPU-motherboard combo that will deliver the best performance without breaking the bank.

According to a recent comparison done by a Korean Youtuber Minteaser, the 7800X3D on an A620 chipset looks as good as the processor on an X670 motherboard. The reviewer used MSI Pro X670-P Wifi and the Gigabyte A620M Gaming X motherboards for testing and found out that the processor runs at different clock speeds on both motherboards.

ryzen 7800x3d with A620

Source: Minteaser

As per the tests, the 7800X3D managed to run at 4.8-4.9Ghz of clock speed on the X670 but was maintaining a 4.4-4.6GHz of speed with the A620 motherboard. Still, the tests show very minimal differences between the two scenarios where the 7800X3D was just 5% slower in Cinebench R23 and just 3% slower in gaming.

Ryzen 7800X3D Cinebench R23

Source: Minteaser

This shows that if you are looking for a purely competitive and best-value gaming machine, the A620 chipset with the 7800X3D is not a bad choice at all. The chipset definitely has many drawbacks over the X670 but if you are a person who just needs a few RAM sticks, a GPU, and one or two storage drives, then you might not need to spend $200 more on a premium X670 motherboard.

The best part is that this $600 combo is still faster than an $800-$900 i9 13900K and a Z790 motherboard combo and will consume far less power.

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