AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX Closes the Gap with the i9 13980HX

AMD Ryzen 9 7845HX Closes the Gap with the i9 13980HX

AMD is looking quite well when it comes to laptops because the newest 7000 lineup for mobile devices is looking better than ever.

If you remember the previous leaks, the 7845HX was the fastest mobile chip before we received Intel’s 13th gen mobile CPU benchmarks as it outperformed previous-gen CPUs by 30% in PassMark.

However, in a recent leak on Chiphell forums, a user posted a Cinebench R23 score of the 7845HX which uses the Zen 4 architecture and is aimed at high-end gaming and professional users.

The Ryzen 7845HX features 12 cores and 24 threads clocked at a base clock of 3.0GHz and a boost clock of up to 5.2GHz. Even though the default TDP of this chip is between 45-75W, the CPU can easily cross 100W on full load.

Ryzen 7845HX score

Credit- Chiphell

The laptop used for the benchmark was an Asus ROG gaming laptop with an RTX 4060. In the multi-core test, the 7845HX scored a good 25000 points on default clocks but when overclocked to 5.45GHz, its multi-core score increased by 14% to reach 28.5K points making it the second fastest laptop CPU right now after the i9 13980HX that scored 30.5K points.

What’s interesting is that even though the Intel CPU outperforms it by 11%, we should not forget that the Intel chip comes with double the core count of 7845HX. What is more impressive is that the 7845HX consumed around 127W max when overclocked and still delivered an equivalent score to the desktop 7900X which consumes around 200W for the same multi-core score.

Seeing this, I believe that the 7945HX will easily outperform the 13980HX with overclocking and that too at lower power consumption.

Via: Wccftech

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