Barrowch makes an AIO cooler with an LCD and HDMI port

Barrowch AIO cooler

A few days ago we saw an SMPS with a full display and now today we came around a CPU cooler that features a full 1440p display with HDMI connectivity. Barrowch released the AIO water cooling kit that comes with the most stunning features.

However, the main point of attraction is the 2.9-inch,1440 x 1440p display on the CPU block. The display itself is enriched in features. It has more than 700 pixels per inch and it has also another point of attraction. The water block cost is almost near to that of a flagship Android smartphone.

Barrowch AIO cooler

The display is being powered by a 5V micro USB interface. The use case scenario of the display is none other than monitoring everything connected to the AIO and also for temperatures. It can be combined with AIDA64’s monitoring tools to allow for more accurate readings.

Apart from the display unit, the AIO features a 240mm radiator with dual RGB 120mm fans. One can customize the entire setup with additional radiators for a full liquid-cooled system.

However, we don’t have any information regarding its real-time performance. But considering the price point of this AIO, it can be guessed that the target audiences will be PC Enthusiasts.

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