Best cheap gaming mouse- Top 4 cheap gaming mice tested

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Not every gamer can afford a $1000 gaming PC and the one who is building a $300 gaming pc will never invest $60 or more for only a mouse for gaming. It makes sense, because, for that much price, you can upgrade your graphics card or processor. But isn’t there any solution for this?

Yes, there is. There are some cheap gaming mice which cost from $7 to $15 and yet they perform very good. People with cheap or budget gaming PC’s will be amazed by their performance and won’t regret buying them. These cheap gaming mice are well reliable and deliver solid performance coming at less than half the price of expensive gaming mice.

There are currently several different mice on Amazon and other local stores that promise to be the best cheap gaming mouse but there are a few mice that are sold in large quantities among them. So, instead of focusing on the mice that are newly released and less popular, it’s better to focus on the gaming mice which are sold in large quantities every month and have several hundreds of reviews. Of course, there will be gaming mice which are not having a lot of reviews and they might be equally good but then comes the problem of support and troubleshooting. The more the popular a gaming mouse is, the better is your chances of getting it troubleshoot easily.

I am not going to just simply explain the specs or features of the mice I selected but I will tell you how each mouse performed. I have bought 4 of the most selling cheap gaming mouse for this project and I will conclude which is the best among these for the money. I have tested each of them for several days in games as well as some applications. And I am sure, by the end of this article, you will be in no doubt about which gaming mouse you should buy and you will enjoy your games better than ever.

(The list will be updated again and again whenever a new cheap gaming mouse is tested and proves itself to be worthy of making to the list)

List of cheap gaming mice reviewed:-

  1. Havit HV-M672: Check Amazon Price 
  2. Tecknet Raptor M268: Check Amazon Price 
  3. Zelotes 7200DPI: Check Amazon Price 
  4. Redragon M601 Centrophorus: Check Amazon Price 

Havit HV-M672

Havit HV-M672

  • [UPDATED VERSION]: DPI Upgrade to 3200DPI, 4 DPI Levels: 800DPI (Red) / 1200DPI (Green) / 2400DPI (Blue) / 3200DPI (Pink), Default Value: 1200DPI
  • 7 Kinds of Circular & Colorful Breathing Light Effect, Flashing Indicator When DPI Switch ( Warm tips: cannot set in one specific colour); Press Forward / Back Button + DPI to turn off the light
  • Simple to use –just “plug and play”. No additional software or firmware required; Support operating system:Windows 2000/2003/ Win7 / 8 /10/ Vista/ ME/ Mac OS/ Linux
  • All HAVIT products bear full 18-month manufacturer’s warranty
Check on Amazon

Havit HV-M672 1

The mouse is big and is suited best for large hands. It’s also good for medium hands and it’s lightweight despite being big in looks weighing in around 5.19 Oz. The body is mostly consisting of plastic and it’s of fine quality. The two main clicks are attached to the top body and are not separately attached and there is one DPI changing button white in colour. The scroll wheel is cheap and is definitely not very sensitive in detecting small movements. It’s not enough reliable although I can’t say until it gets malfunctioned. The left and right clicks are good but they are a little harder but what is even harder is the scroll wheel click. You will have to put a lot of pressure to click it.

As for design, it has zig-zag lightening type lines all over the body that lit up when it’s plugged in. There are different zones of lighting all over the place which I am going to talk about later.

Havit HV-M672 2

When we look at the right side, it has two places for the last two fingers. Unlike many cheap mice, the last finger placement is good but it covers one of the Zones of light, though not a big concern.

Havit HV-M672 3

Zelotes T80 9

On the left side, it has two more buttons that can be used in browsing as well as in games. No more additional buttons here. These button clicks are softer and are well made. But pressing them is a little bit difficult as they have 2mm extended plastic lines at the top of these buttons which prohibit you touching the whole buttons properly. Also, when you place the hands, the button 2 is a little far away from reach. So, you have to move your hand a little bit up on your mouse in order to access it.

Havit HV-M672 4

As for the grip, it’s very comfortable indeed and I didn’t have had any problem in placing all my fingers at required places. The mouse is light but lifting it is not that ideal. Movement is fine but the bottom is a little uneven. When I put some pressure on the front area, the front area tended to touch the ground as it was not fully touching the mat but when I normally put my hands on it, the front side is a little bit off the ground. So, the movement is a little poor.


In games like CSGO and PUBG, it did well. As it has DPI ranging from 800 to 3200, It was adjustable for me to use it in CSGO properly. Although I prefer 400-600 DPI max in CSGO but there are gamers who use a little higher sensitivity and it’s totally fine. It has an astonishingly good sensor which isn’t that good in mice that cost the same as this one. The lightweight and good grip make it a good cheap gaming mouse for CSGO and it did well in PUBG and other games also.

As stated earlier, there is only one CON which is uneven surface otherwise it’s flawless in performance. When I drew circles in the Paint, it did well.

(Drawing of circles is done at the lowest DPI setting of each mouse at a slow pace)

Havit HV-MS672

Lighting and Customization

This mouse is plug and play and you don’t need any driver to install before using it. It’s a headache free but at the same time, it limits customization. You cannot customize it’s DPI settings or lighting effects according to your will.

Havit HV-M672 6


The mouse has an Eagle LOGO and Zig-Zag pattern all over the body and the light distribution is uniform on most of the places. Some areas look really good especially the bottom backside which lightens up the mouse mat also as you can see in the image above. There are 7 different Colours that show breathing effect. These colours are Green, Blue, Red, Light Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Pink. But there is no indication of the change in DPI by these lights and also you can’t turn off these but it’s stated on Amazon in a picture that you can turn off the lights by Pressing DPI+Forward/Back Button. It’s not working for me and I think that’s a misleading information.

The lights are bright enough to be seen clearly even in a well lit-up room.

XG-Just Fine REDKnow what these awards mean

Havit HV-M672
7.6 / 10 XG Rating
  • Very good sensor with good accuracy and precision
  • Good grip and good finger placement areas
  • Lightweight despite of large size
  • Good range of DPI 800-3200
  • Ideal for FPS games
  • Only good for palm grip
  • Uneven bottom surface although it isn't noticeable that much
  • No customization software
Havit HV-MS672 is a perfect mouse for only $8 which doesn't only performs well in fps games but also has lightweight and a good grip for better control. At this price, it's difficult to find a mouse like that. There are some minor defects in it but those aren't noticeable at all and should be ignored for the price it comes at.
Value to Price9


Tecknet Raptor M268

Tecknet Raptor M268

  • 6D optical gaming mouse with 2000 dpi optical sensor Tru-Wave sensor.
  • Adjustable dpi settings. Choose from 1000, 1600 and 2000dpi for super precision.
  • 40g extra weight, specially tuned for gaming.
  • Fibre-knit cable with a magnetic ring and gold USB connector.
  • Ergonomically designed to fit your hand comfortably.
  • Product Dimensions: 126 x 70 x 39mm
Check on Amazon

It’s a 4.8 Oz, $11 lightweight gaming mouse which has an ergonomic design and is fit for any type of grip. The body is black from everywhere and there isn’t any stylish LOGO or any unique design to it. It looks simple and has some simple features to it.

Tecknet Raptor M268 1

There are clearly 4 buttons at the top including the DPI button and the clicks are very good. They are light and the most comfortable click is the scroll wheel button. It’s well made, unlike other mice I have listed and is smoother. Although, it’s not much sensitive but is just fine for this price.

The DPI button has three modes: 1000, 1600 and 2000. It’s clearly lacking behind in DPI feature and in games like CSGO, it will not be good enough because of high sensitivity if you use lower DPI like 400-600 but it’s good for other games. It would have been better if it had one more DPI setting, maybe like 600 or 800 for better performance.

Tecknet Raptor M268 3

The mouse has an ergonomic design and has wings like structure both the side which is for placing your thumb and finger for proper placement. The small textured design helps for better grip and the ergonomic design gives it the advantage to be used by a left-handed person.

Tecknet Raptor M268 2

Tecknet Raptor M268 4

On the left-hand side, it has two Back/previous buttons which are well placed for easy reach. I like this design very much and I didn’t have had to struggle for pressing them. They have the extended plastic on those buttons just like the Havit HV MS672 for easily getting recognized by the thumb and due to their position, I don’t find it as a CON. Although, one factor I want to talk about is the grip. This mouse is best for medium hands and can be used for Palm/Finger Tip/Claw grip. It’s an all-rounder mouse in my opinion.

However, gripping it properly is difficult because the last finger doesn’t get properly placed. If you place it properly on the wing, then you lose proper control and will find it harder to lift and move quickly. It would have been better if these wings would not have been extended, at least at the right side for proper grip.


Performance wise, it was good. No CON here when it comes to the sensor. It worked perfectly even at high DPI. The best thing about this mouse is that it moves damn smooth on the mouse mat, smoother than any mouse on this list. It’s lightweight and doesn’t restrict you to move freely at your will with precision. If you can manage to grip it better with a little bit of practice, then it’s one of the best cheap gaming mice you will ever use. Even drawing circles were fine. It was completely acceptable according to what I observed although the below diagram will vary from person to person based upon their control.

TeckNet Raptor M268

Lighting and Customization

Tecknet Raptor M268 5

Lighting is the thing where it lacks both colours and effects. It only has one colour which is blue and remains ON all the time. No breathing effect or no other special lighting that you will love. Lighting is not even uniform, it clearly shows the zone of where the LEDs are situated and it looks like a transformer when switched ON. This mouse has mesh on sides through which the LEDs glow along with these 4 zones at the top.

As for customization, I searched for its software from the official website. Downloaded and installed but it doesn’t work at all. So, you have to use it as it as just like any other cheap gaming mouse. The DPI settings cannot be altered and it’s very limited in this case. This mouse, in my opinion, is good at performance but not good at aesthetics.

Tecknet Raptor M268
7.1 / 10 XG Rating
  • Ergonomic design that fits in right as well as left-handed person
  • lightweight and smooth movement
  • Good sensor
  • Can be used for Palm/Fingertip/Claw grip
  • Lacks proper control due to the grip which is difficult due to the extended wings
  • No additional colours except Blue and limited DPI settings
  • No customization software
Raptor M268 is all about performance. The quality of mouse is admirable. The ergonomic design and the size suits every type of grip and hand respectively though controlling the mouse properly will take some time. Performance in games is good but it lacks good lighting effects and DPI customization which is also important in many cases.
Value to Price8

Zelotes T80 7200DPI

Zelotes T80

  • This mouse is intelligent connectivity, no need to code, plug & play (No need CD driver)
  • Buttons: 7 buttons with scroll wheel Convenient:9 programmable buttons easily activate spells, items, and custom macros in your favourite MMO.
  • Adjustable DPI Switch: 1000DPI/ 1600DPI/ 2400DPI/ 3200DPI/ 7200DPI
  • The DPI LED color light will be constantly changed after set up to certain gear.
  • Compatible system:Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT / XP/ win 7/ win 8/ win 10/ Mac OS and other OS,plug & play
Check on Amazon

Zelotes T80 2

This is a $13 mouse that has a good design despite being so cheap. It feels very premium and is heavier than its competitors and weighs 5.5 Oz. It doesn’t have an official website so, no need to check for support. You will get support only from Amazon. Therefore the specs mentioned are also limited. We don’t know officially what are the materials used in this mouse. But I guess most of it is plastic with a glossy plastic on top for some beautification. The clicks are large and they feel comfortable to use. They are not cheaply made and work perfectly. Neither too hard nor too soft. This makes it a good mouse for gaming when this feature is concerned.

Although the right click seems to be a little bit loose from the middle above which the DPI button resides. There are currently 5 DPI settings you can use: 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200 and 7200. There is another version of this mouse which has the 5th DPI setting as 5500 but it really makes no difference to me because that amount of sensitivity is useless. Be it 5500 or 7200.

These DPI settings change when the DPI button is pressed and show a particular colour to indicate that. It also features these DPI numbers on the left click button which is a good way to beautify it and a Zelotes logo on the right click button.

Zelotes T80 3

Now let’s see the left side of the mouse. It has 3 additional buttons: Two of them are the thumb buttons which are common in gaming mice and one is on the left side of the left click at the top which is rare in cheap mice. You can use these buttons in games for a different purpose and the thumb buttons to go back and forward when browsing files which are really handy. But the thing is that these buttons feel cheap and don’t look much reliable. They are not equally good as the left-right clicks. You need to press them fully inside to get them working and when you press one thumb button, the other button also moves a little bit which indicates that both are loosely connected and share the same body.

Zelotes T80 1

Zelotes T80 4

For grip, it has two placements that are designed for the last two fingers. However, it’s difficult to control the mouse when the little fingers it at the required place. I was uncomfortable by grabbing it like this. I had to use the little finger to place it below that prescribed area in order to do proper movements. This mouse is only good for Palm grip and not for Claw or finger Tip. As the mouse is heavy, a good control is needed and there is no weight adjustment feature in this mouse and you shouldn’t expect it to be at this price.


I tested this mouse in two different games: CSGO and Dying Light. It’s because one is fps game and the other one is action-adventure game and both will tell it’s all round performance. Both have their own uniqueness in gameplay. CSGO is a fast-paced shooter game and the mouse is required to be accurate and precise all the time. As this mouse comes with an Optical sensor, it’s astonishingly good in accuracy. I did not have had any difficulty while aiming but this is just an overview from the top. The real thing is however different.

The First big CON of this mouse is that it has too high lowest DPI which is 1000 which is huge for me and for players who play CSGO regularly. I prefer somewhat from 400-600 DPI and 1000 is too large for proper aiming when your enemy moves in a zig-zag way.

The Second CON is it’s only good for Palm grip as I stated earlier which gives lesser control on the mouse than when used a fingertip or claw grip.

The Third big CON is that the sensor starts to detect movements as high as 5mm or more from the ground. So, when I was lifting the mouse in CSGO, it was just too bad and there were a lot of errors I was making. It’s definitely not a CSGO mouse. So, don’t buy it if you are only wanting to play CSGO with it.

But for games like Dying light, Tomb Raider, it was actually good. There was not a single CON for games like these and it’s absolutely flawless for these games. So, except CSGO, you can use this for any other game.

As for drawing circles, the result was as expected. It’s prone to errors and there is not that much accuracy and precision in Paint.

Zelotes T80

Lighting and Customization

Zelotes T80 5

The second most important aspect which gamers look for is the lighting and customization. This mouse comes with 7 different LED colours: Red, Green, Yello, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, and Purple. However, when the DPI is changed only 4 colours come into play that are: Red for 1000, Green for 1600, Blue for 2400, Purple for 3200 and Yellow for 7200. It’s an appreciable feature and the Spider logo looks awesome as it has uniform colour light distribution.

Zelotes T80 6

Zelotes T80 7

There is only but one effect for LEDs and that is breathing effect and there is no software provided for the customization. So, here it is a just a feature for a little show off which looks good but is just to fulfill that RGB craze in gamers. Also, as there is no software, you cannot change the DPI settings or save any profile.

Zelotes T80 7200DPI
6.9 / 10 XG Rating
  • Good quality construction of body
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • Uniform lighting effects on 4 zones
  • fine grip
  • Poor quality side buttons and scroll wheel
  • too big for medium or small sized hands
  • No customization software
  • Sensor detects movements even if the mouse is 5mm or higher from the ground
This is a decent mouse that costs only $13 with a well-constructed body with 7 programmable buttons. The clicks are just fine and the lighting is uniform. The grip on this mouse is better than most of the cheap gaming mouse but it's too large for small or medium sized hands. The quality of scroll wheel and the side buttons are poor but the clicks are OK.
Value to Price7

Redragon M601 Centrophorus

Redragon M601

  • Ergonomic Redragon M601 Centrophorus Backlit Gaming Mouse 3200 DPI (800/1600/2400/3200 4 level DPI adjustment) , 3600 FPS, 15G ACC super fast game engine
  • 5 programmable buttons with 5 memory profiles, an 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x 8) and LED colour options. (LED may be disabled)
  • Durable smooth TEFLON feet and contoured body for ultimate gaming control. Quality ABS construction and two programmable side buttons
  • 6ft high-strength braided fiber cable, anti-skid scroll wheel, and red backlighting
  • Supports Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP or later operating system. Package contents: CENTROPHORUS Gaming Mouse, tuning weights, and user manual
Check on Amazon

This mouse is definitely different from every mouse I have listed above. The construction is powerful and more reliable and it’s better than the Tecknet Raptor M268. The mouse weighs around 4.6 Oz and is weight adjustable which I am going to talk about later.

Redragon M601 1

The mouse is ergonomic and suites small as well as medium sized hands. I am also able to use it perfectly despite having large hands. The top of the mouse has some Red accents in which the Scroll wheel and the DPI button have been embedded. The left/right click buttons are a little bit curved making them feel like concentrating towards the centre.

Redragon M601 2

The body is of course plastic but its quality is too good for this price. It looks reliable and doesn’t feel loose from anywhere. Everything is strictly at its place. The body is not smooth but a little bit textured especially at the sides for better grip. There are several small holes and lines for the mouse to breathe properly and there are two Back/Previous buttons at the left side in which one is textured and the other one is plain. Both of them feel good while clicking just like the left/right click.

Redragon M601 3

As it’s ergonomic, the right side is exactly similar to the left side in texture and design. It’s wider from the back side than the front side which makes easy gripping.

Redragon M601 4

For grip, I was able to use Palm/Fingertip/Claw Grips, all of them without a problem but the best I found was the Claw grip and due to the sturdiness of the mouse, it was totally controllable. The side buttons were in a good reach to the thumbs and they did not have an extended small line plastic like some of the mice I have listed above. So, clicking them is actually easier.

The clicks are neither too hard nor too light, they are intermediate. I found no difference in the quality of left/right/scroll or side buttons. Even the scroll wheel is well built. As for main Left click, whenever I would move my index finger to a little bit right naturally makes it difficult to click the left click button properly as it’s curved. So, you have to get used to it by properly placing your fingers on the right spots.


When I tested it in games and paint, I found absolutely no CON at all. The mouse comes with 4 DPI settings: 800/1600/2400/3200. All of these are practical and they are neither too low nor too high. 800 DPI is what everybody needs to play games like CSGO at low sensitivity.  Yes, I play on even lower but tweaking the sensitivity a little bit from the control panel doesn’t hurt.

The optical sensor of this mouse is very responsive and I don’t find it way overwhelming than all the other mice which I have tested. I tested CSGO, DOOM and Dying Light for observing how it performs and I couldn’t complain about anything. I don’t find any CONS in it if I would be frank. That’s why I think it’s the most bought gaming mouse under $15 on Amazon.

Redragon M601

Lighting and Customization

Redragon M601 6 Redragon M601 7

The mouse has only One Colour LED lights and that is RED. It’s very bright and the distribution is not uniform. It looks good however from everywhere, be it in the light or darkness. There are several zones around the mouse and they are not overwhelming. They are balanced but there are no additional effects to it. The light is just static. There is no software for customizing the DPI also. So, what is pre-built will work when you plug it just like any other mouse on this list.

Redragon M601 8

At the bottom of the mouse resides a premium feature which is weight adjustment. There is a circular plastic cap inside which the weight bits reside. To open it, you have to use your fingernails and rotate it anti-clockwise and pull it by inserting your nail inside the gap at the edge of the cap. At the very first time, I found it difficult but it’s not difficult at all.  Redragon M601 9

Inside it, its equipped with 8 Weight Bits that can be removed all at once or adjusted according to the need. Collectively along with the weights, the mouse weighs around 140 Grams and each of these bits weight 2.4 Grams. So, when you remove all of them the mouse weight drops at 121 Grams or 4.2 Oz which is very lightweight. With the weights, it is still light and I don’t prefer gaming with it by removing weights. So, it’s up to you now whether you want to play with them or without them.

XG-Recommended RED– Know what these awards mean

Redragon M601 Centrophorus
8.5 / 10 XG Rating
  • Awesome design and construction
  • Can be used for any type of grip
  • It's weight adjustable
  • The DPI settings are perfectly balanced
  • No customization software
If you want the best possible cheap gaming mouse for gaming, currently the Redragon M601 is the king among all of the most popular gaming mice and there are a lot of reasons behind it. The reliable and ergonomic construction, Balanced DPI settings and weight adjustments make it a real deal.
Value to Price9.5






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