Best Typewriter Keyboards- All you need to know

Best Typewriter Keyboards- All you need to know

Gamers are always fond of getting the best possible accessories they can afford for their gaming setup. It is a somewhat quite a similar case with PC enthusiasts also. They always prefer to get hold of something that will boost their setup and at the same time, they can also showcase their setup to others by making them unique. Nowadays, keyboards are one of the major components that can give you an edge in your performance if you are gamer or can give you a unique look that will help you to make your system appealing to others.

There are many types of keyboards, that can complete your setup, but it totally depends on your choice that you are looking for performance or aesthetics or even both. There are few Keyboards that offers excellent performance but lags a bit when it comes to showcasing your setup. However, there are certain specific keyboards that don’t give you a boost on performance but are best when comes to retro styling. Many PC enthusiasts love the appealing look of these keyboards as they give you the feeling of a Typewriter Keyboard.

What is a Typewriter Keyboard?

After reading the above paragraphs, you must be wondering what is a Typewriter Keyboard? And the answer to that question is, a typewriter keyboard is a computer keyboard that comes with a similar look & feels to that of a typewriter but the same is used with a computer. As you might be aware that a typical typewriter comes with few notable differences such as the TAB key to indent paragraphs, a CAPS LOCK, SHIFT keys, and a RETURN/ENTER key or lever which moved the typewriter head from the right to the left margin of the paper and advanced the paper down for the next line of type. Therefore in a true typewriter keyboard, the keyboard bears similar functionality as mentioned above.

In this topic, we will list down a few such retro type keyboards that let a user have the feel of a typewriter in the most possible way. There are very few options presently available and there are many users that are hoping to see more of such keyboards in the market.

Top Typewriter Keyboards in 2020

Penna Keyboard by Elretron

Quick Specs :-

85 Keys and Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches
Bluetooth operational mode
Cradle holder for holding your phone
Macro Bar for Copy and Paste



Penna Keyboard is one of those keyboards, that will make you fell in love with it due to the retro appearance that it brings along with it. At a glance, one will find it quite similar to that of a typewriter. Penna is manufactured in South Korea and retains a similar style and form factor of a typewriter. It comes with circular keys that are backed underneath by CHERRY MX switches along with the return lever which adds the appealing factor in this case.

Penna is currently priced at $209 on amazon and offers three colours to choose from viz, Matte Black, Olive Green, and Pure White. However, it also comes with choices of different types of switches from CHERRY and one can go as per their preference.

The most interesting part of Penna Keyboard is that it can be connected to devices including your mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth and you can use the keyboard in the most portable way. But on the downside, the keyboard comes with a non-rechargeable battery and no wired connection option.

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What is Good?
  • Cherry MX Blue Switches for clicky feel
  • 85 total keys that cover almost every type of function
  • Bluetooth working mode for easy connection
  • Macro bar for copy and paste operations
  • Available in four different colours
What is Not?
  • Expensive sitting at close to $200
  • It’s thicker than most of the keyboards
  • non-rechargeable battery

Azio Retro Classic USB

Quick Specs :-

Full 104 key layout
Kailh Blue mechanical switches
Leather or wood used
LED backlighting



Azio Retro Classic USB

The Azio Retro Classic Keyboards offer users the choice between Bluetooth or USB as their connectivity interface. However, this particular keyboard comes with a slightly different aesthetics when compared with that of the Penna, but the look and elegant finish of the keyboard design will definitely draw attention towards itself.

The Azio Retro Classic Keyboard comes with a genuine walnut wood or leather top plate that defines the beautification of the keyboard itself. It retains the retro feel of a typewriter but unlike others, this is a full-size keyboard. The height-adjustable mechanism is also quite up to the satisfactory mark. The Keycaps are backlit and the mechanical keys are tuned to be tactile and clicky that will let you remind of the typewriter when you will be using it. The Keyboard is currently available for $189.99 for the USB Elwood version.

What is Good?
  • Original leather or wood used as top plate for a premium look
  • 104 key layout with Kailh blue switches
  • Available in 8 different versions with LED backlighting
  • Available with USB as well as wireless editions for operation
  • Unique foot stands for adjusting keyboard height
  • Very solid and reliable with Zinc Alloy frame that is copper-plated
  • Works for several months if backlighting switched off
What is Not?
  • Expensive than the Penna keyboard

Lofree Bluetooth Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

Quick Specs :-

83 Keys and Gateron mechanical switches
Connects with up to 3 devices
3 backlighting options
Bluetooth operation mode



Lofree Keyboards can be termed as the best-suited example as a retro keyboard that offers the feeling of a retro typewriter keyboard but in a much more portable manner. The Lofree Bluetooth Keyboard offers a nice price range starting as low as $99 and goes up to $199 depending upon the choice of the colours that you prefer.

Furthermore, the Lofree Keyboard also offers a user with the option of using the keyboard in wireless mode or in a wired mode which I personally prefer the most. It also offers backlit keycaps to help you using the keyboard in a dark environment. The keyboard is ideal for typist as it is quite portable and you can carry it anywhere with you. The keyboard is equipped with GATERON switches that offer 50 million keystrokes for responsiveness and durability. It supports MAC, Windows, iOS, and Android.

What is Good?
  • Gateron mechanical switches
  • Connects with up to 3 devices that can be switched using FN+1/2/3
  • Works up to 3 weeks on a single charge
  • Available in 5 different colours
What is Not?
  • Keys are too close
  • Aesthetically it may not please everyone

ARTIX LED Backlit Keyboard

Quick Specs :-

10 keyless design with custom mechanical switches
Whitish blue backlighting
3 different sized keycaps editions
Dimensions: 9″x11″x2″(LxWXH)



ARTIX also offers retro style typewriter keyboards that are infused with modernism. ARTIX offers three different range for these keyboards and the price range starts from as low as $69.99. The keyboards come with circular switches that are backlit as well.

The top panel consists of the high-quality iron panel that comes with a beautiful curve around to add a nice overall finishing touch to the keyboard itself. It comes with multi backlit modes that can be DIY with other RGB illumination on your system.

What is Good?
  • 10 keyless design for saving space
  • Whitish blue LED backlighting that can be controlled
  • Much affordable than other keyboards on the list
  • Smooth finished heavy metal base for reliability
What is Not?
  • LED backlighting stays at the bottom of the keys only
  • No wireless operation


If you have gone through the entire topic then by now you are already aware of typewriter keyboards and we have also listed out some models so that you can take a look at them and if you find the perfect suitable match for your need, make sure to go for it.


What are the best keyboards for typing?

Well, most of the keyboards that use mechanical switches are best for typing, unlike the membrane keyboards which don’t provide tactile feedback or clicky noise. A Retro keyboard is best suited for purely typing purposes although you may use a gaming mechanical keyboard with blue switches that will serve the typing purpose as well.

What is the best keyboard for typing fast?

Although blue switches are best for typing to avoid a lot of typos, in case you want to type fast, then Brown, Red and Speed switches from Cherry MX are best. You can check out more about mechanical switches from our guide on the best mechanical switches.

Can I make my keyboard sound like a typewriter?


What noise does a typewriter make?

It’s something like “Clickety Clack” which is a little different than the mechanical keyboards blue switch noise.

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