Colorful releases white-silverish RTX 3060 mini graphics card

Colorful RTX 3060 iGame Mini LHR

Colorful RTX 3060 iGame Mini LHR

Colorful already has a couple of good looking RTX 3060 graphics cards and has come with one more. According to Videocardz, the company has introduced another RTX 3060 edition for those who love compact GPUs.

The new edition is called ‘RTX 3060 LHR 12GB iGame Mini OC L’. It comes with the Nvidia LHR technology that limits the hash rate to half. So, you can expect somewhere around 25MH/s instead of 48MH/s.

The card is made for compact computer systems where users need less space but at the same time don’t want to compromise a lot of performance. The RTX 3060 iGame Mini is only 182mm long and has a single passive fan for cooling.

It comes with a brushed aluminium shroud and features white and silverish colour all over the card that gives it a stylish and attractive look. There are four copper heat pipes embedded within the aluminium heatsink that are 6mm in diameter.

The card comes with a 6+2 power phase VRM and has a factory overclock of 15MHz. RTX 3060 comes with 3584 Cuda Cores and 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Colorful has also equipped it with an overclock button at the I/O where you can find triple DP and one HDMI port for display.

The card is right now not yet available and there is no info on its pricing currently.