EVGA launches beastly Z590 motherboard and it’s sick

EVGA Z590 Dark

Recently EVGA teased its X570 Dark motherboard for Ryzen processors. Now, the company has officially launched its Z590 Dark motherboard after hyping the fans for months. The Z590 Dark comes with super-duper high-end specs and it’s like nothing you have seen before.

The Z590 Dark motherboard comes with a whopping 21 power phase VRM with copper heatsinks over them. It uses a copper heat pipe embedded inside that makes its way to the chipset heatsink. This lethal combination of high-end VRM and heatsink should be capable of making world records.

Its design is different from the traditional E-ATX and ATX motherboards with 2x DIMM slots at the top, VRM power phases at the bottom, and EPS power connector on the right side at 90° angle. The X570 Dark will be very similar in design as we analyzed previously. It features 2x PCI-E x16 slots that support PCI-E Gen 4 graphics cards and has a good amount of gap between them making enough space for 2x M.2 slots for SSDs.

For storage, it comes with 8x SATA ports and 3x M.2 Key-M slots. It will support up to 64GB of DDR4 memories clocked at 5333MHz and will support 2-Way Nvidia SLI.

The board is made strong and reliable with the help of a 10-layer PCB and high-quality components such as 100% Solid State capacitors. It will come with an inbuilt Wifi adapter supporting Wifi 6 and BT 5.1 and dual 2.5G Lan. Moreover, there are a lot of onboard troubleshooting features for enthusiast overclockers that will ease out the troubleshooting process.

Pricing and Availability

EVGA Z590 Dark motherboard is priced at $599 and shall be soon available for purchase on retail websites or shops.

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