Gigabyte and ASRock New Nvidia and AMD GPUs Spotted

rtx 4060 Ti

If you have been waiting for mid-range GPUs, then you can find one soon as AIBs have started making different models for AMD and Nvidia’s latest-gen GPUs.

As leaked by Twitter user Harukaze, Gigabyte is producing not 3 or 3 but 9 models for the RTX 4060 Ti alone. As listed by Gigabyte, the Eurasian Economic Commission website shows all 9 different models of the 4060 Ti, and as updated by Harukaze, Gigabyte has also prepared two variants of the Radeon RX 7600 GPU.

A similar leak also pointed toward ASRock’s 3 different RX 7600 models which were recently added to the website and this indicates that AMD is probably interested in launching the non-XT model for the RX 7600 before the XT one.

That said, the problem here is that both of these GPUs feature 8GB VRAM on a 128-bit memory bus. At this point, what matters the most is their pricing. While the RX 7600 is likely to be launched for around $300, the 4060 Ti is probably going to be a big failure if it goes for more than $400.

I believe that Nvidia already knows the situation with 8GB GPUs and just like it is slowly reducing the price of its higher-end cards like the 4070 and 4080, it would be a good decision if Nvidia decides to launch the 4060 Ti for $350.

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