Bad news for gamers- Graphics cards shortage to be seen throughout the year

graphics card

graphics card

It’s have been a lot of months since we entered into the era of massive GPU shortage and if you think it’s going to get over, then I have bad news for you.

Nvidia’s Executive Vice-President and CFO Colette Kress said on Monday that, “We expect demand to continue to exceed supply for much of this year,”

Though Nvidia expected the shortage to be over in a few months, it’s not happening right now. Scalpers are buying all the graphics cards within seconds after a new inventory arrives. Unfortunately, we don’t know if there is a solution to this.

She also said that the supply should increase this current quarter and added that, “Our operations team is agile and executing fantastically…”

I am sure they are trying their “Best” but unless they honestly come up with something that makes the availability of gaming GPUs to the gamers, we are not going to see the situation getting better.

While gamers are in immense frustration, Nvidia doesn’t have to worry about their sales. They made 3 times more than expected with their new CMP graphics cards that are dedicated to mining. So, that tells how many graphics cards they are making for the miners instead of investing in for gaming graphics cards.

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