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PC from scratch

You are fooled in many ways you don’t even know when you get your computer built from a PC parts dealer or even a computer shop owner. The computer dealer makes a lot of money when you buy the components from him.

If you don’t know anything about the computer and its components, things will get worse and the dealer can charge you more than your budget. Even if you know how many components are required to build a computer but don’t know how to choose them you will still suffer.

The same case occurred to me in the past. When I was a total noob, I just said to my father that buy me a good computer on which I can do my basic works and a little bit of gaming as my PC was too old for now. He went and spent around $350 on my new PC.

I was very happy. But it had a graphics card that was not able to run the games smoothly even at 720p. It was Nvidia GT 210. I didn’t know what this name meant. I just tried to tweak many settings and then finally searched on the internet.

Soon, I realised that my father was also fooled by the dealer. He also put an Intel’s Core i3 processor which was 2nd gen but at that time 3rd gen processor also costed the same. Then I realised that the power supply I had wasn’t enough to power a good dedicated graphics card and the case was also crap.

Then my journey on PC building started. I continuously researched and gained knowledge of every component. I realised what mistakes I have done in the past but not anymore now.

Everybody starts from a noob but I spent hundreds of hours researching so that I could solve every problem of a computer. I even enrolled in a card level and chip level repairing course where I learn every aspect of troubleshooting and repairing a computer because the knowledge of choosing components isn’t enough at all.

Now I can build any type of computer that includes a gaming computer too. Each one of these has different requirements. I have learnt a lot and I know that there are millions of people who want to learn the same. But it takes a lot of dedication and time to learn everything but still, you can make big mistakes and therefore I wrote this guide to eliminate all these problems.

Now you don’t have to search on the Internet what graphics card you should buy or How to Install a Processor. It’s all included in this guide. This is a complete beginners guide to building a Gaming PC from scratch. You don’t have to roam here and there on the forums asking questions on assembling or choosing the components. I have explained everything in detail with High-quality images.

I explained assembling through my own computer step by step with HD images.

Now I want to ask you a question: “Why you should pay 50 dollars or more to a computer mechanic for building your Computer if you still cannot get all the information about the components?”

“Why you should pay hundreds of dollars for a pre-built computer if you can save a lot of money and utilise them in your system for better upgrades?”

It’s foolish to spend a lot of money just to get an idiot computer that you don’t know about.

Therefore, I have made this ebook that targets these aspects. If you are a total newbie and don’t even know anything, you will know everything when you read this whole guide to build your own Gaming computer from scratch.


>You will never be fooled by any dealer or a computer technician again!

>You will have updated knowledge on every component that is present right now in the market.

>You don’t have to pay assemblers again.

That’s why you should Learn how to build a Computer by Yourself!

I made it for free as I wanted to help my readers in the best way I could. Please leave a review and point out any mistake you find in the ebook. If you have any suggestions then please comment below and let me know what else you guys want.  Cheers!      

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