Hackers Leak Intel Boot Guard Keys, More than 100 MSI Products Affected


If you are using an MSI product, particularly their laptops, then you should be cautious because hackers are leaking Intel Boot Guard Keys they acquired from the hack last month.

According to the reports, more than 100 MSI products are affected by this and the list contains almost all kinds of laptop series from MSI. Last month when the hackers attacked a part of MSI’s information systems, they acquired a framework for developing BIOs and many private keys.

In return, the group demanded $4M to not post these details online but as MSI refused to pay, the hacker group posted the details online. MSI says that customers using their products should update their BIOS only from MSI’s official website because firmware from any other place might contain malicious codes that can compromise the data security of users.

Therefore, if you are a user of any of the products listed on the GitHub page, it is advised that you only update your BIOS from MSI’s official website. Furthermore, keep your guard up all the time and wait till the security experts investigate the issue to find a possible solution to this.


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