HogWarp Mod lets Enables Multiplayer Mode in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy was released just a few days ago and is already a Top Seller title on Steam. It remains strictly single-player by default but a new mod creates a functionality where more than two players can share the same gameplay.

The new mod is called HogWarp which is being developed by The Team Together which is the same team of devs who made the Skyrim together Reborn mod for Skyrim special edition which enabled 2-8 players to play the game at the same time. That mod is pretty successful with over 400,000 unique downloads till now.

The developer team uploaded a video titled “HogWarp- Test Build” where we can see that the gameplay is featuring two players sharing the same game. This mod is currently under development and it is only a Test build that is only available right now for the channel’s Patrons but when the fully developed mod comes out, it will be available for all the users.

The main person behind making this mod is Yamashi, who is working with two more members of the Skyrim Together Team. He says that the mod is focused “on co-op and roleplay” and they are working to figure out the basics such as spawning, appearance, animations, and even NPCs. Moreover, it is likely that this mode will allow up to 8 players to play at the same time.

So, this is definitely huge because most players don’t touch the game again when they complete the whole story mode but when you can join other players in the same quest, the gameplay becomes more fun especially when you are more than 2.

As of now, the mod is not going to add more gameplay content for the multiplayer mode but Yamashi says that when the mod is developed to provide a stable framework, players can extend it themselves later on. One more thing to add is that Yamashi also said that people who sign up for this mode right now “have to expect something very barebones and buggy” because it is in the early development stage.

Of course, this is pretty obvious as it has only been five days since the game’s release, and making such mods by getting inside the enormous code base, understanding it, and constantly checking what is working and what is not an easy task. HogWarp mod is supposedly going to be fully developed within a few months but the developers are trying to release the base concept by the end of this month to show that it is really possible to have a multiplayer mode in the game.

This will open the doors for so many possibilities and it may also become one of the key factors that can keep the game alive for several years or maybe more than a decade because single-player games like Hogwarts Legacy or Skyrim don’t die so quickly and adding a multiplayer function will only extend the game life even further.

Source: PCGamer, Youtube

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