Motherboard shipments saw a significant Decline in 2022


If you have been following PC hardware trends, 2022 was the worst year for many PC vendors like Intel who lost close to $700 million dollars. Now a recent report suggests that not only CPUs but the motherboard vendors also suffered greatly.

Just like people were not interested in buying a new CPU or graphics card last year, this also impacted motherboards directly. According to DigiTimes, the four popular motherboard vendors got hit pretty badly because their sales were dramatically lower than in 2021.

Here Asus shipped 25% fewer motherboards compared to 2021, Gigabyte was the least hit with 14% fewer shipments, MSI was greatly impacted with 42% fewer shipments but ASRock was hit the most with 55% fewer shipments in 2022.

motherboard shipment

Credit- Tomshardware

As the report suggests, the shipment decline was around 10 million units last year. This trend is probably going to continue this year too with many users not wanting to upgrade to the latest platform due to rising living costs and also due to the significantly higher price of components compared to the previous years.

AMD, on the other hand, was doing pretty well due to good sales of its system-on-chips for consoles but was doing even better when it came to the Embedded segment. The Client segment, however, saw a big reduction of up to 51% loss in revenue. Overall, AMD grew only due to Embedded and Data Center segments but its Gaming segment is supposedly going to suffer this Quarter.

Source: DigitTimes

Via- Tomshardware