Intel vs AMD: The Fight for CPU Market Share


Intel has been dominating the CPU market for almost two decades but with the launch of Ryzen CPUs based in 2017, AMD started gaining some of the CPU market shares steadily.

The gap closed even further with the launch of the Ryzen 5000 family that once made AMD the major CPU manufacturer with a little over 50% of the market share at the end of 2020.

Intel did not give up and launched the 12th gen Alder Lake series which completely changed the market in favor of Intel again and as of today, Intel holds around 70% of the CPU market.

However, the competition is going back and forth every quarter, and if you analyze the CPU share of both companies, it looks like AMD is again making some good gains with now over 30% of the CPU market share.

According to the report published on Seeking Alpha, analyst Christopher Rolland says that Intel is actually looking better now than previously. He says that AMD is no longer gaining a share in the PC space because Intel has a better product roadmap right now. He, therefore, moved Intel’s rating from negative to neutral because Intel’s PC business has started to stabilize.

This is not financial advice but what I can see from the current market trend is that it’s not going to be easy for Intel to easily gain a lot of market share quickly. This is because, with a significant reduction in prices of AMD CPUs from both 5000 and 7000 families, the sales of AMD CPUs have been much more than Intel.

If we check the current CPU sales from Mindfactory, AMD contributes to almost 68% of total CPUs sales where Zen 3 CPUs are selling several times more than Intel CPUs. Here the Ryzen 5800X3D is particularly selling like hotcakes and this is also similar to the CPU sales on

While this is not exactly like this here, the top 10 best sellers in the CPU category mostly comprise Ryzen 5000 CPUs with 5600X leading at the #1 spot because of selling for just over $150. Similarly, all other Ryzen 5000 CPUs are incredibly cheaper compared to their original pricing where one can buy a 6-core 5500 for just under $100.

Now, these cheap CPU prices from AMD might not sustain for a long time because once the Ryzen 5000 inventory is out of stock, Intel will again take over with its Raptor Lake series as they are selling more than Ryzen 7000 CPUs whether you consider the US or European market.

This is why even though AMD might be doing great right now, Intel might soon take over with over 70% of the market share again. The only hope for AMD will be now to lower the prices of Ryzen 7000 CPUs even further or release the rumored Phoenix APUs on the AM5 platform as soon as possible.

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