Kingston leads the DRAM market in 2020, had 78% share

Kingston leads the DRAM market in 2020, had 78% share

In the PC world, most are eagerly waiting for two things. First for the global chip shortage to be normal again so the component price falls. Second, we are all waiting for the DDR 5 memory modules to release.

However, in a recent report published by Trend Force, it seems that Kingston became the top manufacturer of DRAM modules. Not only that, they have a whooping of 78% market share.

We are already aware of how the pandemic crisis has affected the whole world. With that condition, most OEMs suffered a great amount of loss. But the same brought a good for the IT industry. Most of us have worked remotely during the pandemic period. Therefore, the requirement of having PC components sparked as well.

However, not only this but Kingston has been an omnipotent manufacturer in the PC industry. The memory modules they offer pass through several testing stages before being made available for consumers. Furthermore, the memory modules come with a lifetime guarantee.

Therefore, the consumer will be certain they are investing in some PC components that are intended to last for the long run. Now with the DDR 5 around the corner, we can rely on Kingston to provide us with some useful memory modules.