AMD rumored to Prepare new BIOS for Supporting 24/48GB RAM sticks

am5 motherboard

Theoretically, AM5 motherboards generally support up to 128GB of total memory size. Now as most DDR5 memory kits are present in sizes of 8, 16, 32, and 64GB, some memory manufacturers started to produce 24, 48, and 966GB memory modules for Intel LGA 1700 platform.

Unfortunately, there is currently no official support for these memory sizes on the AM5 platform but regardless, Twitter user MegasizeGPU tried installing dual 24GB of RAM on an Asus Strix B650-E motherboard.

Considering that AMD motherboards don’t officially support these memories, getting recognition should not be possible but surprisingly, the Strix B650-E was able to identify both RAM sticks properly with the correct size on the base frequency of 4800MHz. Unfortunately, this was the max the system could handle because the system couldn’t proceed to boot which is of course due to no official support for 24gigs of RAM sticks.

This issue is definitely not because of the fact that memories were Intel XMP modules because the user said that he could run 16GB of Intel XMP kit pretty easily. So, all we need is a green signal from AMD.

Thankfully, AM5 users are going to get the latest BIOS update for the same. AMD is readying a brand new AGESA BIOS firmware to support 24 and 48GB of memory modules according to the leak by Twitter user Chi11edog which stated that the new AM5 AGESA is on the way.

Source: Chi11eddog


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