Linux Ubuntu Wins Majority of the Test Against Win 11 with Ryzen 7800X3D


There is no doubt that Ryzen 7800X3D is currently the best gaming CPU but this doesn’t mean it is any bad in productivity.

As performance can vary with different configurations, it is also true when it comes to operating systems. This is what we see in the recent comparison between the Linux Ubuntu 23.04 and Windows 11 where the former wins easily in the majority of the productivity tests.

As tested by Phoronix, things are looking in favor of Linux when the 7800X3D is used in CPU-oriented applications. Phoronix compared both OS in 80 different tests and Ubuntu came out at the top by winning 58 out of all the tests which is roughly equal to 72.5% wins over Windows 11.

Phoronix ubuntu vs Win 11

Source: Phoronix

The Geometric mean of all tests came out in favor of Ubuntu which was 7% faster on average than Windows 11. What is interesting is that when we analyze the individual tests, both operating systems have wins over each other either by a small or a big margin while in many tests both are equivalent.

Phoronix ubuntu vs Win 11 Geometric mean

Source: UbuntuUt

Windows 11 mostly won in rendering tests like Blender but Ryzen 7800X3D heavily favored Ubuntu in image encoding tests and the difference was pretty huge in some cases. This shows that while Ubuntu might not be as good as Windows in gaming, it is definitely ahead in specific workloads by a significant margin which could easily be one of the reasons for some users to switch to Linux operating systems.

Still, for many users, Windows might be the appropriate operating system for various reasons but the fact that Linux operating systems are free of cost makes them worth trying.

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