Microsoft adds keyboard shortcut to mute and unmute Microphone


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It has been around two months since Microsoft released Windows 11 officially. The new Windows saw many complaints as well as praises for its features. Microsoft is constantly working on existing as well as new features to make the new Windows a success that will simplify its operations for the users.

Microsoft, therefore, also added another small feature to Win 11 by adding a feature of toggling the Microphone Off or On by keyboard. The new Keyboard shortcut to mute or unmute the mic is “Win+Alt+K”. This feature was previously not available and users have to manually mute and unmute their microphones from the taskbar at the bottom right side where other icons such as Speakers, Battery, Wifi etc. appear.

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In Windows 11, the Microphone icon is available at the taskbar and according to Microsoft, users can see their call audio status, the app using the microphone, and the option to mute/unmute the mic. However, this feature is limited to only one app right now. Currently, users can only use the Keyboard shortcut to toggle On/Off mic in Microsoft Teams. Other apps using the microphone will still require users to use their mouse for this purpose.

Microsoft although said that they are working to enable this feature for third party applications. Along with this, Microsoft is also working on a new Taskbar feature that lets users share their content from different apps to Microsoft Teams. This will be very handy for users while they are in a meeting.

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