Microsofts Cloud PC UI Image leaks on Twitter

windows 11

Not long ago, Microsoft announced the arrival of Windows 11 that made the internet filled with information regarding the same. They also made many go crazy when they released the minimum system requirements for their upcoming OS.

However, earlier today we got a sneak peek at the most awaited “Cloud PC” from Microsoft. From the tweeted post, we can say that we are expecting detailed information about the “Cloud PC” in the upcoming event “Inspire”.

Our best guess is that we will be getting more information from the event scheduled between June 14-15 along with other information related to Windows 11. The Cloud PC is codenamed as “Deschutes” and the target audience might be the enterprise.

It is quite natural for the Cloud PC to be dedicated to the enterprise as it will greatly reduce the cost of infrastructure. The Cloud PC might be able to meet up the requirements that often an enterprise look for without having huge impact to deploy.

As of now, we got a glimpse of the theme of the upcoming Cloud PC that will enable the Windows 11 desktop experience through Microsoft Cloud on a license basis. Till now, we only have this much information and we will get more once the entire features are revealed during the upcoming event.

Microsoft seems to be quite busy this year, providing us with many surprises. Starting from the information about the life span of Windows 10 and going all the way up to the revealing of Windows 11, its minimum system requirements, and now the glimpse of the Cloud PC.

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