Nvidia Falls Short of TU117 GPU Die for GTX 1650

Nvidia Falls Short of TU117 GPU Die for GTX 1650

We have reports telling us that Nvidia is now planning to ship the GTX 1650 with an entirely new GPU die. The report comes from Board Channels where it says that Nvidia is running out of the TU117 GPU chip that is used in the Turing-based GTX 1650.

Due to this reason, Nvidia is now asking its board partners to replace this die with the TU106 which is originally slightly more powerful but will have its specs set according to 1650. This means that the new 1650 will technically remain the same in performance but might consume more power.

board channels


That said one of the reasons for the shortage of the TU117 GPU die is linked to its popularity. The card is among the most popular GPUs according to Steam’s hardware survey and 4 months ago it was the most popular card of all.

gtx 1650 steam

Steam hardware survey Nov 2022

This is pretty obvious because most gamers are comfortable with budget GPUs like 1650 that deliver decent gaming performance at 1080p and require less than 100W to operate.

Since, its official launch, it will be the third 1650 after the GDDR5 and GDDR6 editions but now with a completely new GPU die.

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