The Radeon RX 7600S looks good against the mobile RTX 3060

rx 7600S vs RTX 3060 laptop

Nvidia has been dominating the gaming laptop market with its powerful mobile RTX 30 series GPUs and with the launch of RTX 40 series laptops, it is unlikely that AMD is going to beat Nvidia in producing the best gaming laptops. However, AMD is still looking decent when we consider the recent benchmarks of one of the RX 7000S GPUs that is aimed at providing a good gaming experience at 1080p.

Asus Tuf Laptop RX 7600S


The benchmarks come from the official review of the Radeon RX 7600S based on the RDNA 3 architecture was tested by Notebookcheck that not only tested the new Asus Tuf Gaming A16 Advantage Edition featuring the 7600S but also compared it to a few laptops, some of them featuring the laptop 3060 GPU.

The 7600S did quite well overall and proved itself to be a good match for the RTX 3060 laptop GPU. In some tests, it did better like in 3DMark, it was able to outperform the 3060 by at least a 10% margin but in gaming, the RTX 3060 seemed to have an easy upper hand with 15-20% higher performance.

rx 7600S vs RTX 3060 laptop


The laptop looked ideal for 1080p gaming and also had a very good battery life of up to 20 hours which Notebookcheck calls an absolute selling point. It should be kept in mind that the 7600S is not the fastest laptop GPU from AMD but is aimed at light-weight gaming laptops. The performance is adequate but the pricing is a little bit higher than the laptops featuring RTX 3060.

Let’s hope that the RX 7000M series can prove itself to be a good competitor to the RTX 4060 laptop GPU because AMD already boasted about their 7600M XT being faster than the 3060 desktop GPU.

Source: Notebookcheck

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