Razer adds CPU coolers, PSUs, case fans to its catalogue

Razer adds CPU coolers, PSUs, case fans to its catalogue

Razer is a well-known brand for PC accessories for a long time. However, we haven’t seen them in the field of PC components. But it looks like, things are going to get changed. Recently Razer added a wide range of PC components. The list includes Razer Kunai high-performance fans, Razer Hanbo AIO liquid coolers, and Razer Katana platinum ATX PSU.

The PC component market already has numerous OEMs. Razer is taking its first step in this segment. However, as far quality and performance matter, we already have an idea of what to expect from Razer. According to Razer, all these new components features simple Plug & Play along with RGB illumination.

Kunai case fans


The first on the list is the Razer Kunai PC case fans. These are high-performance chassis fans equipped with hydraulics bearing. They offer higher airflow performance along with low operation noise. These are available in sizes of 120mm and 140mm. They also feature ARGB illumination. The 120mm fans are capable of delivering 42 CFM airflow and with an operating noise of 35 dBA with a max RPM of 2200. The 140mm fans, on the other hand, are rated for a max RPM of 1600 capable of delivering 81CFM airflow with a noise level of 30 dBA.

Hanbo AIO

Hanbo AIO

Razer Hanbo AIO CPU coolers are available in 240mm and 360mm radiator sizes featuring 2x 120mm and 3x 120mm 4-pin PWM fans respectively. Razer joined hands with Asetek in order to produce these CPU coolers. It can support most CPU sockets along with support for LGA 1700 (Alder Lake Processors).

Katana Power Supply

Katana Power Supply

A fully modular ATX power supply with Platinum certification is now coming from the house of Razer. These PSUs are aimed to cover most of the wattage segment ranging from 750 to 1,200 watts. There is an exclusive 1,600-watt Titanium rated power supply in its PSU lineup already. All the PSU will support a 140mm fan along with RGB lights supporting Razer Chroma.

Furthermore, they have also launched a Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) Fan Controller. According to the known specification, the fan controller can support up to eight Razer Kunai fans and is configurable with Razer Synapse software. These products will start shipping in the US from this month onwards. However, the pricing information is still not disclosed.


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