TCL launches the first 4K 240Hz gaming monitor

TCL UD 4K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

TCL UD 4K 240Hz Gaming Monitor

ITHome reports that a few days ago in the 021TCL Huaxing Global Display Ecological Conference TCL showcased its super high-end gaming monitor that features the best specs a gaming monitor can have today. While TCL didn’t disclose detailed specifications of the new gaming monitor, the already mentioned specs make it a beast in the monitor industry.

The model TCL UD 240Hz R800 is said to feature 4K resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate that is the first every 4K monitor with such a high refresh rate. Apart from that, it will feature 1ms of response time that is ideal for fast-paced gaming. While there are a lot of 4K gaming monitors available today from different companies like MSI, Acer, and Asus, they only feature refresh rates up to 144Hz.

From the image shown it can be figured out that the display is a curved one and according to the reports, it comes with Huaxing’s self-developed image quality compensation algorithm. TCL sells its gaming monitors mostly to OEMs for rebranding and when DP 2.0 becomes popular, this monster gaming display is going to launch soon

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