Zen 5 will bring 20%+ IPC Improvements over Zen 4 according to rumors

zen 5

RedGamingTech comes out to be pretty accurate with most of his leaks and this time he talks about Zen 5 in his recent video that promises a big jump over the Zen 4 architecture.

Paul also talks about Zen 6 which is supposedly not going to release before 2026 but that’s also not interesting as of now particularly when he said that Zen 6 won’t bring huge improvements over Zen 5.

According to two of his sources, Zen 5 is at least 20-25% faster in IPC(Instructions Per Cycle) than Zen 4 which should bring massive improvements in gaming/application performance. However, the clock speeds are “expected to be similar” to Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 CPUs.

Zen 5

Source: Redgamingtech

The die design is reportedly similar to Zen 4 with each CCD featuring 8 cores for Zen 5-based Ryzen CPUs. Many of its specs remain similar to Zen 4 but there will be general improvements to the logic units, new CPU instructions will be introduced and the desktop Zen-5 AKA Granite Ridge will feature the BIG Core design.

Big.Little, on the other hand, is supposed to be used for Strix Point APUs that feature a hybrid architecture using Zen 5 and Zen 4D cores just as we see on Intel’s Alder and Raptor Lake CPUs.

Zen 5

Source: Redgamingtech

Zen 5 CPUs are also going to feature larger L1, and L2 cache and there might be some changes to the L3 cache too. However, it probably won’t be a separate chiplet that will be shared across the cores.

Zen 5 CPUs will be based on TSMC’s 4nm process node and are officially supported on the AM5 platform just like the company promised. We can expect Zen 5 CPUs to launch next year, and probably it won’t be the “Successor” to the Ryzen 7000 series as we heard previously.


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