AMD Ryzen 7 7745HX Crushes last gen Ryzen 6900HX in Cinebench R23

Ryzen 7045

e don’t usually see mid-range CPUs outperforming the flagship ones but if a CPU does that, it becomes the heavy favorite of the PC community. While the current generation of GPUs is definitely stronger than the previous one, we all know how unattractive their pricing is. However, this is not the case with the CPUs, particularly the mobile ones that are getting launched these days.

If you remember the benchmarks of the latest AMD and Intel mobile CPUs, the Ryzen 7000 and the Raptor Lake mobile CPUs are far ahead of the previous generations.

This time, we don’t even need the current-gen flagship CPUs to beat the older ones as mid-range CPUs are already doing it without breaking a sweat. The mid-range Ryzen 7745HX was recently benchmarked on Cinebench R23 and a pic was shared on the Bilibili forum by a user named Golden Pig.

Cinbench R23

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The CPU scored a good 1828 points in single-core and a whopping 18606 points in the multi-core test which is really high compared to the 6000 mobile CPUs. For reference, it is 15% faster in single-core and 34% faster in multi-core compared to the 6900HX which was one of the fastest flagship CPUs from the last gen.

Videocardz Ryzen 7745HX

Credit- Videocardz

Now even though the number of cores and threads is equal, this is probably the first time we are seeing a mid-range laptop CPU scoring almost equal to its desktop counterpart which here is the Ryzen 7700.

Now, one might say that the 7745HX is more power-hungry with an average TDP of 95W as told by the user, the scores achieved by 6900HX were even on a higher average TDP of 110W. This makes the 7745HX not only faster than the 6900HX but also more power-efficient.

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The only thing that can now outperform this CPU should be one of the i7s from the Raptor Lake CPUs which are yet to be launched but I do believe that it won’t be that hard for Intel to achieve a better score compared to the 7745HX as it easily broke the record of the 7845HX with its flagship i9 mobile CPUs.

Source: Bilibili

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