An underground mining farm with 3800 PS4 consoles shut down

An underground mining farm with 3800 PS4 consoles shut down

PC gamers across the world have already witnessed first-hand the shortage of GPUs caused by miners for the past few years. Many countries have already implemented a ban on crypto-currencies and also laid down legal enforcement to restrict it.

Earlier today, SSU (Security Service of Ukraine) exposed a large illegal cryptocurrency farm in Vinnytsia City. But this is not the main point of interest. The mining farm that was seized, had 3800 PlayStation 4 consoles along with more than 500 GPUs and more than 50 processors.

Think about it, if one single crypto farm posses such amount of hardware requirements, then if we consider the crypto-farms spread across the globe, the result will be insane.

However, the most surprising fact is the use of PS4. It might be the sole incident where this many numbers of consoles were used to mine. The operation of mining was going pretty smooth but they forgot to keep a tab on their electricity consumption.

The mining farm was illegally tapped into the city’s power grid and a sudden spike in power usage drew the attention of the power facility and they reached the law enforcement and as a result, it leads to the discovery of this crypto farm.

The PS4 consoles were powered by GPUs with 18 compute units capable of delivering approximately 1.84 TFLOPs of single-precision compute performance. This performance was increased by PS4 PRO to 4.2 TFLOPs. And both of the models were using an 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU.

The detailed report regarding this incident can be found on SSU’s official website.

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