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Arctic Alpine 12 Passive cooler review



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Arctic recently introduced their Alpine 12 Passive cooler which is targetted towards those users who want no noise but want to get their job done on a tight budget. Passive coolers are not that popular due to the fact that they aren’t made for overclocking or providing low temperatures in the long run but for those people who don’t have an overheating system, these might be actually useful.

I have got the opportunity to review this cooler and in this post, you will get to know the real world performance of the Arctic’s Alpine 12 Passive cooler and whether this is meant for you or not.

Arctic Alpine 12 Passive cooler


Material Aluminium
Surface Finish Black Anodising
Thermal Compound MX-2(Pre-applied)
Maximum TDP 47W
Dimensions 95x95x69mm(LxWxH)
Noise Level 0 Sone
Weight 508G
Compatibility Intel Socket 115X (AMD edition also available)

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While there is already a similar cooler from Arctic available on the market, Arctic made some minor changes to the design in order to improve both the aesthetics and performance without increasing the price. Arctic Alpine 12 Passive is the successor of Alpine 11 Passive which features an aluminium heatsink without any colour coating. The design and the size are exactly the same but as I didn’t review the Alpine 11 Passive, I can’t say anything about its performance.

This cooler is compatible with all the current Intel 115X sockets and for AMD motherboards there is a different edition sold separately. The cooler weighs exactly the same as the Alpine 11 Passive and even matches it in the dimensions. The only apparent difference here is the black coating.


Arctic Alpine 12 Passive Unboxing

The cooler came is a very compact box from which I faced some difficulty in taking out. I didn’t expect that. Anyways, the box is very informative just like the box of Arctic’s eSports One cooler. You will find the specs and benchmarks of it with the Core i3 7300T.

Arctic Alpine 12 Passive 4

Inside it, there are: The heatsink, A QR Barcode(For installation method), 4x screws, 4x springs, 4x washers. There are no installation brackets or thermal paste. So, from looking at these accessories you can guess how the installation might go.

Taking a close look

Arctic Alpine 12 Passive 6 Arctic Alpine 12 Passive 7 Arctic Alpine 12 Passive 8The cooler uses a half Kg aluminium heatsink coated in black colour and measuringĀ 95x95x69mm in dimensions. It’s very compact but the quality of the heatsink is something that you can appreciate. The fins are strong enough and you can’t bend them easily. A good quality heatsink like this makes the cooler more reliable and durable for several years.

There are a total of 20 long fins that are connected with each other at the base and separated at the top with around 5mm of evenĀ gap in between.

Arctic Alpine 12 Passive 5

The base of the cooler comes with pre-applied Arctic MX-2 thermal paste which is very important as the cooler doesn’t come with a thermal paste tube. There are 4 screw holes at the corners to install the heatsink on the motherboard and this design differs from the AMD Alpine 12 Passive edition.



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