Fractal Design launches Aspect fans

Fractal Design launches Aspect fans

Widening the range

Building on the core functionality of market favourites like Dynamic and Prisma, the Aspect series brings an exciting new aesthetic to the Fractal range of fans. Available in regular and RGB versions, notable Aspect features include aerodynamic stator struts for lower turbulence, Trip Wire technology for enhanced blade efficiency, rifle bearings and built-in chaining support to simplify cable management. Additionally, the PWM models offer a wide RPM speed range, making them ideal for radiators. This makes Aspect an excellent fit for anyone looking for discrete or extravagant cooling that balances aesthetics and performance.

Key features-

  • Less turbulence thanks to aerodynamic stator struts
  • Trip Wire technology introduces a micro-turbulent layer for enhanced blade efficiency
  • Supports chaining to simplify cable management
  • Rifle bearings – more efficient than standard sleeve
  • Combines aesthetic design and reliable performance


Aspect 12 Black10.999,9910,99119
Aspect 12 White10.999,9910,99119
Aspect 12 PWM Black12.9910,9912,99139
Aspect 14 Black12.9910,9912,99139
Aspect 14 White12.9910,9912,99139
Aspect 14 PWM Black14.9912,9914,99159
Aspect 12 RGB Black Frame12.9910,9912,99139
Aspect 12 RGB PWM Black Frame14.9912,9914,99159
Aspect 12 RGB White Frame12.9910,9912,99139
Aspect 14 RGB Black Frame14.9912,9914,99159
Aspect 14 RGB PWM Black Frame16.9914,9916,99189
Aspect 14 RGB White Frame14.9912,9914,99159
Aspect 12 RGB Black Frame (3pack)35.9932,9935,99389
Aspect 12 RGB PWM Black Frame (3pack)40.9937,9940.99449
Aspect 14 RGB Black Frame (3pack)40.9937,9940.99449
Aspect 14 RGB PWM Black Frame (3pack)45.9941,9945.99499
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