Microsoft looks confused regarding Windows 11 requirements

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Not long ago, Microsoft gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the upcoming version of Windows OS. And earlier today, Microsoft published the minimum system requirement to run their latest Windows 11.

However, it is funnier to see, that the minimum requirements surfaced even before the Insider build review for the upcoming OS is completed. Not to mention, after reading the original version (edited now), many users reached out on social platforms to express their opinion.

In the earlier version of the post, it was mentioned that if users are having any processors belonging to Intel 6th generation or AMD pre-Zen processor will not meet the minimum requirements for running the upcoming OS.

But before, it was edited, many users like TheRaven1994 took out a screenshot of it and posted it on Reddit.

Hope for AMD Zen 1 owners (me included) from Amd

Approximately 2hrs later the post was edited and now that particular line is missing. However, looking at the new requirements, it can be said that it is still on the higher side.

There are many who are still using old generation processors. Therefore, if the requirement of running the latest version of Windows is so high, it might become a thing to worry about.

Those who are interested in trying out the Windows 11 Insider build they can register now. The detailed process can be found here. However, since it is still in the early stage, we can hope to see updated requirements before the official rollout of the latest OS for end-users.

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