Gigabyte caught lying on its exploding power supplies

Gigabyte exploding PSU

Gigabyte exploding PSU

From the past few months there has been a lot of reports circulating about Gigabyte power supplies particularly the GP 750 and 850 watts units. These power supply units have an ‘Exploding’ attitude and this has been confirmed by several customers as well as several tech reviewers including GamersNexus.

The faulty units comprise 50% of the total power supply units shipped according to customer reviews and the 750W unit particularly got a lot of one star reviews from Newegg. As Gigabyte already knew about it, they knowingly teamed up with Newegg to ship these poor power supplies as ‘bundles’ with the RTX 3000 series graphics cards in Newegg Shuffle.

Gigabyte has finally responded but I am surprised that they haven’t fixed the issue and didn’t address what the tech reviewers are complaining about the PSUs. And the worst, they are lying about OPP clearly. See the following response and let me explain what is wrong and what is missing-

Gigabyte response

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The first issue is the “OPP” or Over Power Protection. As tested by GN, the power supplies don’t trigger the OPP even at 130%. They go up to 140% before triggering OPP which is contradictory to Gigabyte’s suggested range of triggering the power protection.

Steve from GN mentioned in their video dated 9th August 2021, that Gigabyte’s stated OPP range for GP-P750GM is 825W-925W and that for 850W unit is 950W-1050W. Gigabyte surprisingly mentions that the original range for 750W unit is 900-1125W and for 850W unit it is 1020W-1300W. So, was Gigabyte lying about the original OPP range?


It seems that they are trying to get away by saying that they have adjusted their OPP range. Then why did Gigabyte ship these faulty power supplies in the first place? Why didn’t they test them with a DC Electronic Load equipment before shipping?

Secondly, the usage of unknown branded capacitors isn’t addressed. Gigabyte did not use the same company capacitors in the same power supply series. Moreover, some power supplies with the same model had different branded capacitors. Gigabyte didn’t care to address this particular issue which might be related to exploding power supplies.

Clearly, Gigabyte got rid of these faulty power supplies through bundles which customers couldn’t avoid and what they should do now is replace customer’s power supplies that died very soon.

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