Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPUs to be twice as fast as Ampere but does it matter?

RTX 3080 Ti

RTX 3080 Ti

A Tweet recently came in highlights when a prominent leaker of GPUs Greymon55 tweeted supposedly about Nvidia’s next-gen GPUs. The tweet is said to be talking about Ada Lovelace GPUs according to the follow-up tweets and other sources.

He says, “Double performance, double power consumption, can you accept it?”

Double performance is surely what everyone will love but double power consumption? The Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU is already consuming a whopping 350 watts with OC editions hitting even higher. Does it make any sense to buy a GPU that consumes 600-700 watts?

In my opinion, NO and most people will agree. The next-gen hardware should be more power-efficient, take less space and be powerful at the same time. The unfortunate thing is that what Greymon reported can come entirely true as Nvidia’s newer generation GPUs are more power-hungry than the previous ones and this trend can continue.

Also, with double performance can come a hefty price that means the flagship GPU from Ada Lovelace, most likely the RTX 4090 can cost up to $4000 and if the current situation stays, you can see this GPU going up for $7000+ easily on the market.

No matter how much performance Nvidia or AMD offers, unless the current shortage is prevailing, I find discussing GPUs somewhat uninteresting. PC gaming is dying and it shouldn’t continue like this.

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