Nvidia is ready to ship the new RTX 3060 to the E-Cafes in China

e-cafe china
e-cafe china

Image credit- Flicker

It is again bad news for gamers. While Nvidia claims to have been preparing their new RTX 3060 graphics card for the gamers designed with a hash rate limiter, the company is said to have been taking orders from E-Cafes from China before the gamers.

Wccftech reports that the news comes from IThomes and Mydrivers that Nvidia and its AIB partners are getting a significant amount of orders from the Asian-Pacific region that wants the new GPU for their E-Cafes. According to the reports, Nvidia is going to fulfill their demands before supplying the graphics cards to the gamers.

Of course, it is looking just like before that all Nvidia cares about is the sales. Gamers will need to wait till June or later for the new GPU. With the more new GPUs launching soon that includes the RTX 3080 Ti and RTX 3070 Ti, you can guess that they will also end up in the E-cafes before your home.

These new graphics cards will also have a hash rate limiter and will have a different GPU id loop just like the newly designed RTX 3060.

We hope that whatever be the case, Nvidia should be able to supply GPUs to the gamers very well compared to what it tried to do previously. With the first attempt being a failure to limit the hash rate, let’s see if this time the E-Cafes turn into GPU mining farms or not.