Nvidia to increase RTX 3060 supply again but E-Cafes first

RTX 3060

RTX 3060

10 days later, Nvidia has decided to increase the production of the RTX 3060 graphics card. It has been seen throughout the month that the company is focusing on producing more RTX 3060 GPUs than any other as it is the most sought GPU in the market by gamers.

As reported by Ithome, Nvidia has revealed to its major customers that they are going to supply more RTX 3060 cards at the end of this month which is almost here. But the catch here is that these GPUs will first go to Nvidia’s clients which are the Internet Cafes in China as was revealed a few weeks back. So, these GPUs are not going to come in your hands right now for a lower price.

With the Crypto ban in China, already the prices dropped significantly in the country due to the flood of used graphics cards in the market. The situation, however, is not the same in other countries. Although there is a noticeable decrease in the prices of RTX 30 GPUs, they are still almost double the MSRP.

If Nvidia increases the production more while the mining craze goes even lower, we can expect the situation to get under some control in 2-3 months although, we can’t say for sure if the prices will come back to the MSRP in this short period of time. At the end of the year? Probably, but nobody knows the future.

In India, the LHR version of RTX 30 graphics cards are already reaching the retails stores and they are cheaper than the non-LHR variants. The stocks are better than before but pricing will take some time to get to normal. I hope that gamers will be able to build their gaming systems at least at the end of this year for a fair price.

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