Fix OBS recorded video stuttering in two ways

OBS recorded video stuttering

OBS recording software is one of the most popular tools gamers use to record or stream their gameplay on Twitch and Youtube. The software provides some advanced features to customize the video as per the needs but a few games can have an issue with recording.

Some of the games like Call of Duty: Warzone and Middle-Earth: Shadow of War don’t get recorded like most games. They seem to stutter in the final recorded video even though in real-time, the games don’t stutter on your computer.

While some may suggest changing some settings in OBS itself but here the problem is related to more in-game settings than the software. There are two ways to solve this problem which I tried myself and worked on every time.

Solution #1- By limiting fps to 120 or 144 or whatever refresh rate your monitor has

If your game has settings to limit the fps, then most likely it would be set to default. While it seems great for smooth gameplay, this creates the issue of stuttery recording through OBS. Simply just choose whatever refresh rate your monitor supports. For example, if your refresh rate is 60, then select 60, and if 144, then 144. This is a guaranteed fix for most games and the result will be what you want.

You can try lower refresh rates if your monitor has a high refresh rate and you are still not seeing any significant reduction in stuttering.

Solution #2- Disable V-Sync

Another solution that works for most users is disabling the V-Sync. This is a feature through which your monitor tries to match the fps with its refresh rate in order to provide tear-free gameplay but does come with input lag. Make sure it’s Off if your recorded gameplay is stuttery.

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