TeamGroup CARDEA Z44Q SSD comes with two heatsink modules

Cardea Z44Q thick heatsink

TeamGroup today launched its super-fast T-Force Cardea Z44Q PCI-E Gen 4.0 SSD that supports insanely high Read/Write speeds of up to 5000/4000 MBps. The SSD supports Gen 4 x4 interface as well as the latest NVME 1.4 standards.

It is equipped with Q-Flash that helps to increase the capacity just like the traditional hard drives making more space available to the users. Cardea Z44Q comes in two different capacities- 2TB and 4TB making it easy for the gamers and content creators to store OS and games/files in the same drive.

Compared to TeamGroup’s CARDEA ZERO Z330 SSD, it is almost up to 2.5 times faster in Read and Write operations. Therefore, users will get their job done quickly whether booting the Operating Systems or loading games.

Cardea Z44Q SSD also comes with two different heatsink modules to choose from. For a no-interference and simple look, users can use the ultra-thin patented graphene heatsink.

Cardea Z44Q ultra-slim heatsink

Or for better cooling, users can also opt for the high-strength thicker patented aluminium heatsink that increases the cooling capacity of the drive.

Cardea Z44Q thick heatsink

T-Force Cardea Z44Q SSD will be available at the following prices:-

  1. 2TB- $350
  2. 4TB- $690
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