TOZO T20 Earbuds Review: Testing the Budget-Friendly Earphones

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TOZO is rapidly expanding its earphone catalog and now with the T20 earbuds, there is more for customers who are on a budget. Last time we reviewed the flagship earphones by TOZO ie., the Golden X1 but those earphones are out of reach of a large consumer base. So, it’s time to look at the more affordable option TOZO has to offer.

The TOZO T20 claims to offer high-quality audio with several advanced features found on more expensive earbuds. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the TOZO T20 and give our final verdict on the earbuds.

Inside the Box

The earbuds come in a small and well-packed box. The box contains the charging case with the earbuds, a charging cable(adapter not included), a quick guide, and a user manual.

Charging Case

Tozo T20 13

Charging case is pretty standard but has a beautiful LED-lit front that shows the battery life of both earbuds individually as well as the total battery charge of the case. The earbuds turn off automatically once the charging case lid is closed and turn on when you open it.

After some usage, the charging case automatically charges the earbuds with its charge capacity and you will see the total battery capacity left in percentage. We will talk about the battery life later in the post but let’s move to the next section.

Earbuds Build Quality and Looks

The earbuds are lightweight and feature a long stem with microphones on both pieces. The build quality looks fine, and the shiny metallic finish gives it a premium look. The microphone is present at the bottom of the stem while the On/Off status can be seen from the flashing white light on the back.

After removing the ear tip, you can see that the speaker area is constructed using plastic. So, nothing much to see here.

Features and Technology

TOZO claims that the T20 is equipped with 10mm Dynamic Drivers for Great Sound. These dynamic drivers are tuned by OrigX and Acoustic 2.0 sound technology to provide lossless sound effects. We will test these claims pretty soon but I am positive that they will work as claimed just like the X1 Golden.

The T20 also comes with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity making switching faster between low and high duty cycles and also supports low latency audio streams.

Apart from that the earbuds feature Dual-mic ENC noise cancellation for clear calls and IPX8 Water and Sweat Proof features to protect itself from water.

Connectivity and Ease of Use

TOZO T20 is pretty much like another Bluetooth earbud and can be paired with your phone in a couple of seconds. However, it does give you several benefits over other budget earbuds that include Touch features as well as App compatibility.

Touch Features

Despite being cheap, the T20 earbuds offer touch functionality in both earbuds. It’s pretty similar to what other TOZO earbuds boast. You can Pause/Play, Increase/Decrease Volume, Take Calls, Hang Up, Play the Next and Previous Media, etc.

The User Manual states every function in good detail but it will take you a day to get used to the touch functionality.


If it was not for the App, this would have been just another budget earphone. Even though it doesn’t give you a noise cancellation feature, the earphones by default provide a pretty good noise cancellation for more immersion.

Except for that, you can monitor your earbuds’ stats inside the official TOZO app. Here you will find all the Equalizer modes to configure the best audio quality. I was easily able to switch to a different equalizer mode and every mode gave the desired results.

You can also check the current battery status of each piece from the app itself and can configure the touch feature.

Sound Quality

I found the sound quality of the T20 pretty impressive. I expected it to be a lot inferior to the Golden X1 but I was wrong. The T20 provides very crisp audio at every volume level. Even at full volume, I saw no distortion in the sound and the lows, mids, and highs were pretty audible and distinguishable.

The Volume was really loud at the highest level and I did not feel any discomfort at all. Switching modes was also a good experience and here the Bass quality was clearly different when I turned on Bass+. However, you can create a custom equalizer as you wish and as I like higher Bass, I moved the sliders manually.

So, the T20 completely passed the sound quality test with flying colors.


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Both earpieces come with a microphone and yes they did cancel out some surrounding noise. However, the microphone output is not something to be excited about. It gets the job done and for the price of $49, I couldn’t ask for more.

Battery Life

Lastly, the battery life of the T20 is hands down amazing. With almost continuous usage, the earbuds worked for around 13 hours without a charge. So, the claim of 48.5-hour battery life is somewhat achievable if you add up the total battery life through the charging case.

Another great thing about charging the earbuds is that you have two different ways. You can either use a USB-C charger or you can put the charging case on a wireless charging pad. Remember that the charging pad is not included with the earbuds.

Final Verdict

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For $49, the TOZO T20 is a fantastic earphone with crisp sound quality, touch features, noise cancellation, wireless charging, great battery life, and app support. At this price point, there are plenty of earbuds out in the market but very few bring app support.

If T20 didn’t come with app compatibility, we would have to think before recommending it for $49 but trust us, the app makes a lot of difference at least for us. Without the app support, we would give it a Recommended badge but the T20 is really worthy of the Best Value award.

  • Impressive sound quality with clear lows, mids, and highs
  • 16 different equalizer modes
  • Immersive bass quality
  • Customizable Touch features
  • Dedicated app support
  • Charging case with real-time monitoring
  • Great battery life
  • Budget Friendly
  • N/A

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