User finds latex thimble in his RTX 3090 graphics card

latex in RTX 3090

We often do see “things gone wrong” post on various segments. PC Components are one of them. Recently we came around one such event. A user “antonyjeweet” posted on Reddit about his experience upon finding a latex thimble inside his GPU.

latex in RTX 3090

Strange isn’t it? Well, it seems the person who was in the manufacturing process, forgot to remove it before housing the body. In general, a latex thimble is used to prevent the graphics card from getting any fingerprint marks during its manufacturing process.

Human errors do happen but in most of the time, it doesn’t cause any serious issues. However, on this occasion, the error of margin was on the negative side. The latex thimble was found in between two memory modules and the heat sink. The average temperature in this section tends to be around 100 °C.

Therefore, if the latex thimble got melted away, it might’ve caused serious damage to the GPU itself. Moreover, the card was none other than NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Founders Edition. The card has a higher thermal reading and for the same reason, the user was going to replace the thermal PADs. That is the time when the user discovered the latex thimble.

Well, in this case, the situation didn’t escalate. And the user was able to discover the same in perfect time.


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