What Is A Triggerbot And What Does It Do?


Whatever online multiplayer game you will play today, you will always come across cheaters that use unfair methods to win the game.

These cheaters use different tactics to hack the gameplay which gives them an advantage over the enemies. The hack comes into play once the cheater is in a position where he can automatically activate the hack program giving him an instant win.

One of those popular hacks is the Triggerbot which is widely used in fps games.

What Is Triggerbot?

A Triggerbot is basically a hack that automatically shoots at an enemy when the crosshair is over him. In simple words when you aim at an enemy to shoot, Triggerbot does its job of shooting automatically without having you click on your mouse.


A Triggerbot, however, doesn’t assist a player in the game as that is done through AimHack.

In normal gameplay, a player can miss a shot several times even if he aims at the target because it requires a quick response from the player. As humans, delaying or missing a click on the mouse is unavoidable and therefore, Triggerbot solves this problem of shooting automatically once the crosshair is over the target.

What Games Use Triggerbot?

Most FPS(First Person Shooter) games especially online competitive shooter games see cheaters using a Triggerbot. This helps the cheater rank higher in a game, win awards, and unlock achievements.

Games like CSGO, Valorant, Overwatch, and even Minecraft see the use of Triggerbot the most.

Triggerbot is even configurable. By default, a Triggerbot shoots when the crosshair is on the enemy regardless of where the aim is. So, a person walking and aiming at the enemy will have Triggerbot in action even though it will have a great inaccuracy.

Triggerbot can be configured to activate only in certain conditions. It can be programmed to shoot only when you are standing or it can be programmed to shoot only when the crosshair is on the enemy’s head.

Triggerbot Can Get You Banned

Under no circumstance does Steam or Blizzard allow using of a hack like Triggerbot. Using it has got a lot of players banned as Steam and Blizzard have a zero-tolerance policy. However, some players still use Triggerbot and get banned soon.