3 Ways To Know Your PC Case- Know the Exact Model

3 Ways To Know Your PC Case- Know the Exact Model

Finding your motherboard or Power supply model is much easier than finding the model number or name of your PC case. Although it’s something that is bigger and less complicated than other PC parts, it’s not always possible to determine the exact model of your current case if you don’t know much about computers.

However, there are a couple of ways through which you can determine it and possibly know what your PC case is capable of. Whether you are using a custom PC case you bought yourself or a case that came with your pre-built computer, you can use the following methods to know your case’s model number.

#1. Some general methods

To avoid wasting time, it’s best to find out by the more common and general methods.

The first one is to check your Case’s or pre-built system’s box if you have one. In case you bought a pre-built system, then you can search for your system’s model number or name. Most likely you will find all the necessary details such as specs and the manual on the manufacturer’s website.

Case- Model number on the box

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From here, you can get info about your case easily.

#2. Areas to check

Many cases come with the model number on the body itself. You can know it by checking different areas.

You can check at the bottom of the case where the power supply is installed. It should be like this:-

Case- Model number at the bottom

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Or you can check at the back or at the front panel.

Case- Model number at the front panel

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#3. Check the brand

In case there is no mention of the name or model on the case itself, it’s highly likely that your case has at least its brand or manufacturer’s name somewhere on it.

If you spot it anywhere on the body, then it will be easier for you to find out the exact model number of the case.

#3a. Check the form factor

After identifying the brand name, check the form factor of your case. Form factor generally means the size of your case. There are 3 most popular case form factors today- ITX, M-ATX, and ATX.

Or sometimes they are mentioned as Mini-Tower, Micro-ATX Tower, Mid-Tower, and Full-Tower.

An ITX tower is the smallest one that only supports the ITX motherboards. Similarly, the M-ATX towers support ITX and M-ATX motherboards, and ATX cases support ATX motherboards.

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To know the sizes of each form factor, you can check out our article on motherboard sizes and form factors. This will simplify many things.

#3b. Finding the exact model number or name

Once you find out the brand name and form factor, then it is easier to find out the case name.

Open up the manufacturer’s website and after going to the case’s category, filter out the results through the form factor of your case. You will be able to find out a case that looks exactly like yours.

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