Best White PC Cases

Best White PC Cases


A white PC case is the best thing you can have on your table. I don’t know which colour is loved the most but I have seen a large number of people who love white cases more than any other colour. I too love white PC cases more than black, red or blue ones. White colour produces a good amount of brightness in the room and your PC stands out on your table.

Manufacturers are well aware of it and there are if not hundreds of cases right now present on the market with white colour. These cases vary in how much of the area is covered into white. Some cases are white from the exterior and black from the interior, and some are totally white from everywhere. The important area, in my opinion, is the exterior. Even if you get black colour in the interior, your case will still shine on the desk with the white exterior.

With a little bit of research, I have recommended the top white cases that will distinguish your PC from the others and will compel you to look at it again and again.

DarkFlash DLM21 White

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DarkFlash DLM21 White

For those who need a compact gaming PC and white aesthetics, then the unpopular brand DarkFlash has an option for you. The DLM21 White chassis is the cheapest white case you will find on the market but can only support up to Micro-ATX form factor motherboards. This is a Micro-ATX tower that is great for compact gaming PCs but can support some good amount of stuff without being huge in size.

The case has a full-length PSU shroud to hide the PSU, Cables and the hard drives and has a separate space in the inside for installing 2 SSDs. It looks very much similar to most of the cases available right now but has a distinguished front panel which has an angular design to give it an elegant look. The case is totally white from inside and outside which makes it a perfect choice for fully white gaming setups and also has a tempered glass side panel to show off the components.

Phanteks P400 Glacier White TG Edition

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Perhaps the most beautiful white colour you will find on any chassis today is used on the Phanteks P400 which is the Glacier white. It’s very refreshing and covers almost every area of the chassis except the side tempered glass panel which shows the inside of this case. I have recommended this case in many of my posts due to its compatibility with the components and ease with the building.

It features an RGB downlight at the bottom of the front panel that has a total of 10 colours to choose from. Inside the case, the interior is fully black with a lot of space for installing long graphics cards and tall coolers. The case can successfully support up to 360mm radiator at the front that will make it good for overclocking CPU and can support multiple 120mm fans at the front, rear and top. The case has a full-length PSU shroud that has a sufficient amount of routing holes and uses rubber grommets on the routing holes of the motherboard mounting plate for a cleaner build. It’s one of the best budget white chassis you can buy for your build.

Thermaltake H200 TG Snow Edition

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Thermaltake’s cases amaze me every time because they feature those functionalities which aren’t found on most of the cases. The H200 TG Snow Edition features a beautiful snowy white colour at the exterior and at the interior that makes it an attractive choice for only $80 and boasts RGB LED section at the front that increases its overall beauty like none another.

The front panel uses a portion of the side for ventilation and an RGB LED strip from top to bottom along with a TT logo that has 19 lighting modes and 7 colours which are controllable by an RGB button. The inside of the case features a full-length PSU shroud that has a cutout to show off the power supply brand name or any kind of aesthetics your PSU may have. Though it’s a mid-tower, it’s more compact than most of the mid-towers but is still able to support AIO coolers measuring up to 280mm at the front and 240mm radiator at the top.

On the PSU shroud, there are two slots for installing SSDs which is a great use of empty space and for installing hard drives, you will have to use the drive bays inside the PSU shroud. Get this one if you want RGB with snowy white aesthetics.

Fractal Design Meshify C

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Fractal Design Meshify C White-TG

If you want something that combines both the aesthetics and performance, there is no better option than the Meshify C from Fractal Design under $100. This is my favourite mid-tower case overall due to many reasons and I am going to list a few out to let you know why this case is so special. The first major reason is airflow. Most of the cases today use a simple opaque front panel to increase the aesthetics but those lack proper ventilation for intake which makes the temperature rise inside the chassis. Fractal Design eliminated this problem by bringing in the angular design front panel that has sufficient ventilation for eliminating overheating problems.

The second reason is the cleanliness which is what makes it a reasonable choice for building a neat and tidy build. It has big rubber grommets on the routing holes and uses straps for collecting the cables together to ease in cable management at the back. Aesthetically, it uses white colour only at the exterior and black in the interior which in my opinion isn’t bad but for those who want more brightness and want that their case stands out, then I will recommend the cases which are completely white from inside to outside. But if you have performance as a priority on your requirement list, then do not hesitate to buy this.

DarkFlash T20 White

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DarkFlash has another great white chassis for you that is even better than the DLM21. This is a mid-tower case with support for up to ATX form factor motherboards. It can support even longer graphics cards and almost the same heighted CPU coolers as DLM21 would. Though the form factor has changed, the size of T20 increases just 1.5 inches in length. This makes it a good choice for compact builds even though now you have more space.

The case features RGB lights which are unavailable on the DLM21 and are placed on the front panel and at the bottom. These strips run fully from top to bottom and from side to side respectively on their areas. They can be controlled from a single RGB button placed on the top and has 4 different variations to choose from. Not only that, the rear has a 120mm RGB AIGO fan installed but that has a fixed rainbow ring effect. This is an amazing combination of aesthetics comprising of white colour and RGB that is rarely found on most of the cases.

For cooling, it supports up to 240mm radiator at the top and up to 360mm radiator at the front. For storage, it has HDD slots inside the PSU shroud and 2x SSD slots on the PSU shroud itself. The case has one thing additional and that is the Flexible GPU Holder for eliminating the GPU sag which is one of the most annoying things in a PC build which ruins the overall look. This case is worthy of your buy for all that it features.

NZXT H510i White/Black

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NZXT is the one which featured distinguished designs in its PC cases and I remember back in 2015 or 2016 I was dazzled by the S340 which is the mother of all the H series cases. The design you will see in most of the latest NZXT cases comes from the original S340 which has a very simple design from the outside and from the inside. The NZXT H510i in white/black colour is based on the same.

It has a plain white front panel at the right side of which is ventilation for the intake of cool air. This was the problem of most of the cases which featured a plain front panel without any ventilation but with the introduction of ventilation holes, you can now sit back without any worries of overheating. The case has a full-length PSU shroud that hosts hard drive bays that can support up to 2 hard drives and for SSDs, there are 2x slots at the back of the motherboard plate.

The case excels in cable management with the metal cover that will hide the ATX power, SATA and USB 3.0 cables effectively. At the back, you will find a routing channel that is a pathway for the cables which will make not only the front look cable-free but also a nice art of cables going at the back. Lastly, it also features a Smart Device V2 that has the headers for RGB fans and HUE 2 RGB lighting kit that can be used for producing numerous types of lighting effects inside the case, unlike the cases which use inbuilt RGB LED strips that have only a few effects. This case is truly a champ in aesthetics.

Corsair Icue 220T RGB

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Corsair Icue 220T RGB

If you want a premium experience with compactness, then Corsair has the answer. The Corsair Icue 220T RGB is amongst the newest addition to the Corsair mid-tower catalogue which has one of the best white aesthetics we have ever seen. The case brings in some very good features that don’t compromise on performance and aesthetics together. The case has everything from top to bottom covered in white paint. Not even the border of the tempered glass is spared from it which makes it the whitest case in this list.

Although design-wise or comfortability isn’t very good. The case is compact and needs good planning to build because installing components like hard drives or AIO coolers can be a little challenge. The case has 3x 120mm SP120 fans pre-installed and are connected to the Corsair Lighting Node which can support up to 6 fans at a time which you can control through the Corsair iCue software.

The case has a good capability of taking cool air from the front, thanks to the ventilation in the front panel which also doesn’t completely hide the RGB lighting. The case has dust filters at the top and bottom also for air filtering and supports up to 360mm radiator at the front, 240mm radiator at the top and a 120mm radiator at the rear.

CORSAIR Crystal Series 680X RGB White

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Corsair Crystal Series 680X RGB

For someone who wants a completely clean build, then there is no other better option than the Corsair Crystal 680X RGB case which uses 2 different sections for components. One is the main area which has the space for installing the motherboard, CPU, graphics card, ram, CPU cooler and the other area which is completely hidden is the store to the storage drives and power supply.

This thing helps the case in organising cables and makes the length of the chassis shorter. Of course, this case uses some great design for increasing the aesthetics. Three of its sides use tempered glass panels and the RGB fans are pre-installed at the front that will increase the beauty of your build along with the white colour which covers the exterior and the interior. For cooling, it features space for installing up to 360mm radiators and has slots at the bottom also which will ensure that you don’t run out of cool air intake.

Phanteks Eclipse P600S Glacier White

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Phanteks Eclipse P600S Glacier White

Phanteks P600S is a next-level mid-tower chassis with design so superior, that most of the cases on this list can’t match it in features. The case has three colour variants- Black, Grey and White. The white one is shown above which has some black accents in different places. The case has a unique front panel which uses an opaque panel to cover everything up but if you want more airflow, then remove it to see the black ventilated tray.

The case is also white from the interior and uses dampening materials that are clearly visible that are used for reducing the noise from the components. This case has several slots for SSDs and hard drives that are placed behind the motherboard tray which support up to 10x Hard drives and 3x SSDs. The case is very neat and clear at the back and uses a PWM fan hub through which you can power multiple fans and control their speeds.

The back of the case uses several cable straps for easy cable management and the full-length PSU shroud will hide the PSU as well as the extra cables. This case may not be the whitest chassis available but design-wise it’s outstanding and will make PC building experience so good.

Enermax Saberay Limited White Edition

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Enermax not only has the best white CPU coolers but also one of the best white chassis with outstanding specs. The Enermax Saberay Limited White Edition chassis looks more like a full-tower but actually it’s a mid-tower with a lot of space to work with. The case features a unique front panel with white borders and RGB lights and fans. Even the Enermax logo at the top is RGB.

The case is totally white from top to bottom and uses big base stands at the bottom that makes a good clearance at the bottom so that the PSU can intake cool air easily. The inside of it is vast enough to install long graphics cards and tall CPU coolers and has multiple routing holes that are put in proper places for making the path of cables easy.

At the top of the case, you will find the RGB LED strip going at the back that extends from the front and has a meshed top panel for exhaust. This case also has an integrated control hub that allows to keep up to 5x addressable RGB devices lighting in sync and the hub that can control the speed of up to 6x fans. This is the most expensive white case on the list but it doesn’t go above $200.


As there are several dozens of white cases available, it’s not befitting to put them all on this list but I chose the top 10 white cases that feature unique design and capabilities that match different tastes. These white cases will ensure that you get the best of the aesthetics for your money and make your system outstand in the crowd.

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