Why Are Gaming PCs So Expensive? The Real Reason

Gaming PC expensive

If you have ever stumbled upon the prices of gaming PCs, you may have noticed a staggering difference between a normal and a gaming PC.

So, you may be wondering what components a gaming PC uses that make it much more expensive than a regular computer.

And more importantly, why does it even use those components?

There are a few reasons for this which we have explained below and the easiest way to know it is to break down the reasons to get you a clear picture.

Why Does A Gaming PC Cost So Much?

Higher Requirements for Gaming

A gaming PC has to work a lot harder and faster than a regular PC. Just see the still frame of a game below. Frames like these are comprised of millions of individual pixels that make a single frame and your computer has to display a sequence of several frames every second for smooth gameplay.

spiderman remastered

Typically buttery smooth gameplay requires at least 60 frames per second and the more intensive the game is, the faster and harder your PC has to work.

Regular computers are not designed for graphically intensive tasks like this. Each second, your computer has to render several graphical parameters like Textures, Shadows, Depth of Field, Texture Filtering, Anti-Aliasing, and many more.

In a regular PC, the total load is generally on the system’s main Processor also known as the CPU. Generally, CPUs are responsible for the most basic and necessary operations of your computer and many come with integrated graphics solutions but they are significantly inferior to the discrete GFX solutions AKA Graphics Cards or Video Cards.

Cutting Edge Technology

With gaming, PC hardware has also evolved significantly in the past few decades. With each year passing, we have newer technologies embedded into silicon chips. Games are also more demanding than ever. Ever thought about running a modern title like God of War 4 on a 20-year-old PC? It simply won’t run.

Ray Tracing Off vs On

Therefore, PC hardware companies have to adapt to newer and more power-efficient solutions than before. This directly impacts the cost as faster and power-efficient hardware costs more. Several new technologies like Ray Tracing and Super Resolution Techniques are the new norm in the PC industry.

These help in dramatic improvements in visuals but at the cost of performance. Hence, more new powerful hardware especially graphics cards are launched to tackle this issue. Moreover, PC hardware companies are trying to gain maximum benefit from the hardware by allowing different components to cooperate with each other to improve gaming performance.

amd smart access memory

Gaming PCs are Highly Customizable

Gaming PCs are way more flexible than pre-assembled regular desktop computers. You can change individual parts anytime giving you access to unlock your PC’s full potential. Most regular pre-assembled or OEM computers come with custom PC parts that can’t be upgraded easily. If you have ever used a refurbished DELL or HP computer, then you will understand what I am talking about.


However, gaming PCs have no limitations on changing the components if compatibility is no issue. You can swap a motherboard for a better one, upgrade your four-core processor with an 8 or 16-core processor, or you can add additional accessories without any change to your already existing computer.

This makes a custom gaming PC pricier as individual components are costlier than buying all the components from a single manufacturer.

Gaming is Just One Thing

While gaming PCs excel in gaming, there are a lot of things a gaming PC can do apart from gaming that can easily pay back the amount you have invested. It is faster in performance than regular PCs in applications that require rendering and multitasking.

A good gaming PC generally has a powerful CPU, good-sized RAM, top-notch GPU, and fast storage. This is ideal for content creators who are looking to render their videos faster and for those who are working on 3D rendering programs like AutoCAD or game engines.

3d rendering

Graphics cards are much more powerful than the processors in video and 3D rendering and come with several types of encode/decode support including H264 Encode and AV1 Decode. They are also excellent for mining cryptocurrencies that pay back the cost of the GPU or the whole rig after a particular period.

mining crypto

PC Components are Expensive

The most obvious reason for gaming PCs being expensive is the costly hardware. PC components in a gaming PC are more expensive than you see in a regular PC as they have to provide more horsepower to run games smoothly. A gaming PC whether or not has a dedicated GPU will always have a CPU that is powerful enough to run games with playable frame rates. Users may opt for APUs that come with iGPUs and cost way more than regular CPUs.

Gaming PCs with discrete GPUs are even costlier as they are faster in graphics rendering and require more power. A cheap gaming PC with an APU and without any discrete graphics solution can easily cost you above $300 while a mid-range gaming PC easily goes up to $1000. High-end and Enthusiast gaming computers can cost thousands of dollars and there is no limit to how much you can spend.

Nvidia rtx 3090 Ti

From a quad-core CPU to a 16-core CPU, single GPU to multiple GPUs configuration, 4GB RAM in a single channel to 128GB RAM in quad-channel, Mini-ITX motherboards to E-ATX motherboards with dozens of impressive features, and much more, there is no limit to the PC hardware.

PC Gaming is a Luxury

The video gaming industry is not cheap and PC gaming is certainly more expensive than any other platform. Whether you buy PC components or buy PC games, they are all costly. The supply chain is huge in the PC industry but sometimes, the cost of particular components can easily skyrocket when the demand grows more than the supply.

With various options available for gaming ranging from playing on a simple monitor to VR, the cost varies based on the gaming experience the user needs. Gaming on a simple 720p flat screen is significantly cheaper than gaming at 4K resolution on an ultra-wide high refresh rate monitor. This directly affects the cost of your hardware too but at the same time gives you a much more immersive gaming experience that can’t be afforded by everyone.

Is PC Gaming More Expensive Than Console?


Gaming PCs can be far more expensive than consoles as mid-range and higher-end gaming PCs feature much more powerful hardware than the current-gen gaming consoles. Consoles that use the equivalent hardware to a gaming PC are still cheaper due to various reasons.

Most console manufacturers launch their consoles for a cheaper price but recover their prices through the games either through bundles or selling them separately. As a lot of games are console exclusive, console vendors are easily able to charge whatever price they want to. Some console companies even sell monthly or yearly subscription for playing online multiplayer games like Microsoft sells Xbox Game Pass.

Consoles also have limited functionality and can have limited options like playing video games or watching movies on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc.

Should You Build a Gaming PC Then?

Absolutely. Even though the cost may look more than the price of consoles, gaming PCs are superior in almost every area. The good thing is that you can buy a gaming PC for as low as $300 and here at, we have all types of gaming PCs ranging from a few hundred to thousands of dollars.

We even have a dedicated guide on building a gaming PC by yourself which will save you some bucks. Let us know if you prefer consoles or gaming PCs in the comments below.


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