The best PC cooling Fans

In this article I am going to list down some of the best PC cooling custom fans that are best bang for buck. As Cooling is one of the most important factor that lets your system perform efficiently on a constant load but it also ensures that your components like CPU, GPU, HDD operate for a long time.

If you have an awesome build like a $1750 gaming pc or  even a budget build like $500 gaming pc, you still need appropriate cooling to make your system perform at it’s full potential. Many cases come with additional fan slots at the top, rear, front and at the bottom. They are present their for a reason which is only to use them to make cool air go in and hot air go out.

Now there are a lot of custom fans available in the market but you may have the question that which one is the best?

The simple answer is that the brands which you recognize and the world trusts go for only those ones. If you find a 120mm fan for only $5 and another 120mm fan costing $15, then of course the $5 fan is a crap and if you buy that thinking that what difference will it make, then you are thinking totally wrong.

Cheap fans have low lifespan, higher noise, less cooling and sometimes less compatibility. Therefore I have made the list of best custom fans that are trusted by millions of users and have got thousands of positive reviews and you will never regret buying them.

Cooler Master Fans with sleeve bearings


Cooler Master JetFlo 120

Cooler Master produces some of the best sleeve bearing fans. Due to their awesome performance, they have got thousands of positive reviews and better ratings over other brands. Many will say that sleeve bearing fans may not be good and have less lifespan. But these fans are designed specially for longer time operation.

As these are PWM fans, so you can control their speeds according to the temperature of your system. Many have even installed these fans into their cooler master hyper 212 EVO cooler as second fan and have got much better results.

These fans have very low noise levels but as you your system will heat more and the fans start moving faster you may observe some noticeable increase in noise levels. The maximum speed at which these fans run is 2000rpm which is still much lower than the stock fans that come with the CPU’s and therefore produce less noise and do more cooling.

These fans are present in different sizes and in different designs:-

80mm, 92mm, 120mm, 200mm

Air Balance, Air Flow, Pressure

Corsair Air Series Fans


Corsair Air Series SP120 High Performance

Corsair Air series fans are one of the most expensive and solid custom cooling fans. The reason they are expensive is because they have high CFM i.e., Airflow. The average airflow of the Corsair Air series quiet edition is around 52 CFM as compared to that of cooler master fans which has air flow below 50 CFM.

The noise level is around 25dbA which is optimal and the fans are custom molded for more airflow. The image on the left is not the image of the Corsair Airflow series quiet edition but the image of a performance series fan which have air flow upto 62.74CFM which is more than enough.

But yes with this much of high airflow you will be getting more noise and may reach upto 35dbA which is noisier but if your priority is cooling over silence then these will be good for you.

These fans are present in NON-LED as well as LED editions with colours as Red, blue, purple and white.

Corsair Series AF quiet edition fans, Corsair Series SP high performance fans

Noctua NF Fans


Noctua NF-A8 PWM

Not only the Noctua Cpu coolers are the best, even the custom fans for basic cooling has no competition whatsoever. The colour and the design is very good to fit in any case. The best feature with the noctua fans is that their fan blades have vortex control notches which helps the vortices to be split into several small vortices to increase the air flow.

You can see the small lines drawn at the end of the fan blades which is really an outstanding technology to increase the air flow and decrease the noise levels too. I don’t want to go deeper in science now but I think you have got my point what I want to say.

These Fans are just fantastic and have less vibrations when spinning. Yes, these are the most expensive fans on this list but spending 4-5 dollars more will get you the best fans for your case.

Noctua NF-A8 PWM 80mmNoctua NF-A9 92mmNoctua NF-F12 120mmNoctua NF-S12A120mm

Arctic dynamic bearing fans



Arctic fans offer a wide variety of different operations. These are present in three sizes: 80mm, 92mm and 120mm. Each having it’s own advantages and disadvantages. Every fan has 9 fan blades which helps in removing more heat from the case even if the fan is spinning slow.

The 80mm fan has a low air flow of only 31CFM and is designed specially for low noise. If you want low noise and still want to get good cooling than it’s a great choice otherwise of course it’s not better than those fans that are from Cooler Master or Noctua.

But the 92mm fan and the 120mm are exception. With 92mm fan you will get 43CFM of air flow and with 120mm fan you will get a very high air flow of 74CFM which we haven’t seen in any other previously mentioned fans.

Moreover these fans are PWM as well use fluid dynamic bearing which have more lifespan than the ball bearing fans and therefore these fans have a warranty of 6 years.

ARCTIC F8 80mmARCTIC F9 92mmARCTIC F12 120mm

Some cheaper options

Antec TriCool Fans


Antec TriCool

Antec TriCool Fans are not the best in the list but of course the cheapest best solution for your pc. If you have 5 bucks in your pocket you can get a standard 80mm fan without LED. May antec fans be cheaper but they still provide very good features especially the three speed switching option from which you can run these fans either on low, medium or high.

Among all the sizes 120mm fan is great and is available in blue, red and standard forms. On low settings the fan spins at a speed of 1200rpm generating noise level of 25db only. On medium it spins at a speed of 1600rpm generating a noise level of 28db and on high it spins at full speed of 2000rpm and generates noise level of 30db.

But still it’s less than that of Corsair fans and provides 79CFM air flow at full speed which is the best you can get in this list.

These fans are simple, quiet and effective and are good option if you have a low budget and if you don’t want to go with crappy fans. A must buy for budget rigs like $300 build or $400 build.

Antec TriCool 80mmAntec TriCool 92mm DBBAntec TriCool 120mm

Rosewill Long life sleeve Fans(pack of 4)


Rosewill 120mm fans

If you want a 4 fan collection to cool your whole case in cheap price, Rosewill provides this collection to you. Now these fans are not high pressure fans but actually made for silent operation. These spin at a speed of 1200rpm and generate noise level of 22dbA which is almost non hearable and will force you to strain your ears to listen.

All the fans are 120mm and will produce a good air cycle in your case if you put two for exhaust and two for instake. The best placement for intake is either front or bottom and for exhaust the best places are top and rear.

These are fine choice for budget builds and will cool your system without spending so much of money.

Rosewill 120mm fans(4)

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