AMD A620 Chipset will Allow Memory Overclocking

ASRock A520 motherboards

If you have been following PC hardware news closely, the new AMD A620 chipset in talks for a few days has some interesting specs. After a long time, we may finally see the A620 chipset motherboards in the market which will help gamers reduce their build costs compared to building with a B650 or X670 chipset motherboard.

As expected, some of the specs of the A620 will be inferior to the B650 but the according to the latest specs leak, there are some differences compared to the locked chipsets from the previous gen that included A320 and A520.

The hardware leaker chi11eddog just leaked the specs of the upcoming A620 chipset on Twitter which shows the A620 is devoid of PCI-E Gen 5.0 support.

This was pretty obvious since the A620 is going to be an entry-level chipset and we already have a B650 chipset without PCIE 5.0 support. However, the A620 is still going to feature 28 Gen 4 PCI-E lanes from the CPU and 8 lanes from the Chipset but these will be Gen 3 instead of Gen 4.


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There are some other downgrades as well like less support for higher bandwidth USB connection, no Crossfire support, and of course, no support for CPU overclocking. But interestingly, the A620 chipset motherboards will support RAM overclocking which was absent in previous A520 and A320 chipsets.

However, unlike A520 and A320, the A620 motherboards won’t be cheap at all and will sell for $125 as the minimum price. Even though this will reduce the cost of the overall PC build, users are still likely to go with the more expensive B650 motherboards as Ryzen 7000 CPUs are expensive and can only be overclocked with a B650 or an X670 chipset motherboard.

Via: Videocardz