Best Gaming Processors for under $100

If you are on a very tight budget like $300 or $400, you will need a good processor for your build under 100 dollars. If you think that you will not be able to purchase your graphics card or other components if you buy a core i5 or i7 then these processors are really good for less than 100 dollars.

Sure you will not be able to max out everything with these processors but still you can do your work and also decent gaming. For under $100, there are good processors both from Nvidia and AMD from dual core to hex core. Depending upon your choice and need, you can choose any of the below listed processors.

Each processor has it’s own advantage and disadvantage. But you will not regret your choice if you go with any of them. Before going on further, I want you to decide what type of work you are going to do with your system. Is it multi-tasking, gaming or just some casual work?

If you buy a hex core processor for some small editing work, you are wasting your money. Similarly, if you want to play games at high settings and want to do multi-tasking, a dual-core processor may be not sufficient for you. Now depending upon your requirement, choose the best processor for your PC.

1. Intel Pentium G4560

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Intel Pentium G4560

Here is the ultimate CPU of this year. The Pentium G4560 is brand new released a few days ago and is now available for purchase on for less than $70. This cpu is uncomparable with all the previous generations Pentium processors including the Pentium G3258. The processor is cheaper and is more power efficient.

It is based on kabylake architecture which works on 14nm lithography. The skylake processors also work on 14nm lithography and there isn’t a difference in the performance in gaming between skyake and kabylake processors. But as the technology is new, the integrated grahpics is faster and this processor is equipped with Intel hd 610 graphics. The processor has faster single core performance and better power efficiency.

However the best spec of this cpu is it’s 2 cores and 4 threads which is the first time we have seen in pentium’s. The hyperthreaded processor will act like an i3 processor but with lower cache. But only 1mb of cache difference won’t make a huge difference especially when you only want to game.

People who wanted 2 core/4 thread processor like i3 7100, can now easily save 40% cash with this and they will get around 90% performance of i3 7100. In fact now one should buy fx 8320 if he has $120 for processor. This pentium is a revolution for gamers and has already benchmarked by several experts in games which showed fabulous results. A very good budget gaming processor and a must buy for less than $70.

2. AMD Athlon X4 860K

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AMD Athlon X4 860K

This is a budget gaming cpu which has 4 cores and 4mb of cache which is a good deal at this price. It’s a Fm2 socket processor which is older than the latest Am3 processors. Still this processor is used in many budget gaming pc’s because it provides four cores and a good core clock of 3.7Ghz which can be overclocked more than 4.0Ghz easily. Although the fm2 platform is very old now but as the Athlon X4 processors have the full directX 12 and Vulkan compatibility they provide a great boost in games using these API’s.

At the same price you can also get a Pentium g3258but the disadvantage is that you will only have two cores and lower base clock. It can serve as a good multi-tasking processor if you want to do gaming as well as some other works along with it by opening and closing different windows simultaneously.


3. AMD Fx 4350

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AMD FX 4350

For $20 more you can get the newer technology Am3+ processor which has even better performance than the X4860K. Although the price is a little bit more but you will get a more future proof PC as Am3 systems can be upgraded to higher end processors like Fx 8350 or Fx 9590. This processor has a core clock of 4.2Ghz which is great and can be overclocked upto a massive 5.0Ghz which can unlock some serious performance.

Seriously an increase of 800Mhz in core clock can prove a real difference in gaming and other applications. As this is quad core you will be able to play any game like watch dogs and Far cry 4 which require 4 cores to run properly. Other latest releases will also have no problem running on it.

Now you may be thinking that why I haven’t listed the Fx 4300 even it is cheaper?

Because it’s only $5 cheaper and Fx 4350 wins over it in many cases except TDP. It’s 8% faster in single threaded applications and upto 9% faster in multi-threaded applications. The performance per dollar spent is more than the Fx 4300. But for just $10 more you can also get the following processor which has 2 cores more.


4. AMD Fx 6300

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Perhaps the best processor for money is the AMD Fm3+ Fx 6300 processor which is hex core as well as totally unlocked. For this price this is a total bargain and you cannot get a better cpu than this at 100 bucks. With 6 cores you can do heavy multi-tasking and gaming easily. Even the core i3 which is a dual core processor costs more than 100 dollars. So why waste money on that if instead you are getting a hex core processor which is unlocked too.

This processor is best for a gaming pc of $500 and $600 combined with a gtx 950 or gtx 960, it can deliver rock solid performance especially if you overclock it. It’s base clock is 3.5Ghz and boost clock is 4.1Ghz but you can overclock it even more with a custom cooler. The cache memory of this cpu is also good which is 6/8mb (L2/L3) which helps it to store more memory for faster operations.

So, these are the best processors for under $100. Check out my Best gaming Cpu’s list also if you want to get the best processor for your money.

What do you think? Do you have any questions or do you know better cpu’s than these? Let me know in the comments!


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