DG2 graphics card is now sampling out to Intel partners

Intel DG2

From the time when Intel’s Game Developer Relations Engineer tweeted about the new DG2 graphics cards being around the corner to Raja Koduri showing the fully ready DG2 chip with 512 EU, it was already known that the first-ever Intel’s gaming graphics cards are about to be launched at the end of this year.

Another solid proof is coming from Intel itself about the DG2. In one of the latest Intel’s presentations slides, Intel has listed its Xe HPG DG2 graphics card sampling to its partners. That means that the AIB partners will now start making their editions of the new Intel DG2 graphics cards based on the Xe HPG architecture so that they are ready to be delivered to the gamers.

Xe HPG DG2 Sampling

We already saw that one of the DG2 graphics cards with 256 Execution Units performed as good as the GTX 1050 according to the leaked benchmarks on Geekbench. This is although not as much as impressive as some of the high-end AMD and Nvidia graphics cards in terms of gaming experience but the DG2 chip with 512 Execution units is said to be equivalent to an RTX 3070 which is a 1440p killer.

We hope that Intel’s DG2 graphics cards will hit the retail stores at the end of this year making GPU availability better so that every gamer can finally complete their PC build.

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