Intel Meteor Lake is Indeed Coming to Desktop, Confirms the Latest Linux Patch

Intel Meteor Lake chip

A new report confirms that Intel Meteor Lake is indeed coming to the desktop. As found in the latest Linux 6.3 patch, Intel Meteor Lake S desktop was added to the support list which is a clear indication that Intel is definitely coming with MTL on both laptop and desktop platforms.

What this means is that desktop users can finally use the first System on Chip processors for their builds which would probably benefit gamers the most. This is because Meteor Lake CPUs will come with a dedicated graphics die which according to the latest leak by MLID will compete with AMD Phoenix APUs.

Linux patch 6.3

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That means we can get gaming performance closer to GTX 1650 which is a solid budget GPU for 1080p gaming. And this is for a laptop Meteor Lake CPU that is rated at 45W. On the desktop, we are going to have 5 different CPUs that provide up to 6+16 cores config rated at up to 125W of TDP. So, more headroom for overclocking and stuff that can make a significant impact in the budget gaming segment.

Now we finally await the support for Windows operating systems but there is no doubt that even on Linux, things can be as good as Windows OS.

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