Making Quite the Change: Transferring WoW Classic Characters

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In the old days of WoW, if your friends either chose or moved to another server, you either stick to
where you began or go with them to leave your old character behind. If you’re already pretty
established in the server you’re on, it can be quite a loss if you did the latter. Thankfully, in WoW Classic,
you can now transfer your character to another realm.

Another Realm

You might be thinking that it’s a simple process where customer service simply cuts and pastes your
character, along with its WoW Classic Gold, to another realm. It’s not. There are a few things to take note
of, namely:

  • Transfers can only be done in realms that share the same region
  • Realms, where your character list is full, cannot be transferred to
  • Change your character’s name if it’s already taken in the realm you’re transferring to
  • The minimum level for transfer: level 10 for regular classes; 60 for Death Knight

Also, Starter Edition accounts, characters holding WoW tokens, and characters with caged pets cannot
be transferred. For the last two, you first need to do away with them. Once you have, then the transfer
will be possible.

For PVP-related concerns, transfers from PVE to PVP realms are not allowed, but the inverse is possible.
Also, while your PVP rank will be transferred along with the character, kills done during the time
between the weekly reset and the transfer will not. This includes the honor you’ve earned from them.

For community-related concerns, the following things in mind:

  • Mailboxes and Auctions should be cleared
  • Friend and Ignore List will be reset after transfer
  • If your character is a guild leader, either transfer the leadership or disband the guild

For raids, lockouts transfer from one realm to another. Also, mythic raids you’ve started before the
transfer cannot be continued. When it comes to items, using item restoration won’t bring back items
lost before the transfer. As for gold, it needs to be limited depending on your level.

It should already go without saying that this service has a price, which depends on the kind of transfer
you want. However, there is the Free Character Realm Migration. If you are eligible for a free transfer,
you just have to remember the same things we previously mentioned.

Last but definitely not the least, think long and hard before doing a character transfer as it will take you
90 days before you can do another one again.

All Other Transfers and Changes

Instead of a server change, maybe what you want (or need) is to transfer factions or a character from
one account to another. This is known as the WoW Account Character Transfer. Aside from what’s
already been said, remember that you cannot transfer your character to an account that is suspended,
disabled, or closed. Neither can you do transfer to an account that is still on an older expansion.

Account Character Transfers that aren’t permitted are the following:

  • WoW Characters from the main game to WoW Classic
  • WoW Classic characters cannot be transferred between accounts

Lastly, there is the Faction Change. As the name suggests, you’ll be transferring to the opposing faction.
In doing so, you have to choose a race that can take up the class you originally played as. It shares the
same precautions that must be made in a realm and account transfer. Additionally (and rather
unfortunately), characters in WoW Classic accounts cannot undergo faction changes.

New year, new you. And for some players, that may also mean a new realm, new account, and even new
faction! If you happen to be one of them, then these pieces of knowledge will hopefully be of help to

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