Microsoft introduces enjoyable animations in Windows 11

Windows 11

Microsoft recently announced the new Windows 11 and promised its users an awesome experience. They are bringing a lot of changes with their latest installation of Windows OS. A few days back, they also released their insider build.

With the latest update, they have introduced cool animation when navigating through Microsoft Store pages. Windows 11 will bring a new makeover to its store pages and after a long testing period, a new version of Microsoft Store pages is rolling out.

This particular update revolves around the app layout and new navigation that is aimed to make things easier for the users. One of the main features this update brings is to highlight all the product listings. According to the video uploaded on tweeter, you can see the added animation on the store page.

Furthermore, according to information shared by Microsoft for its upcoming update, they confirmed that Android apps are finally coming to Windows via Amazon App Store. This update is scheduled for the month of October.

However, Amazon Appstore is not as big as Playstore, and therefore, not every application is going to be available on it. However, since Microsoft is providing support for Android application sideloading hence, you can install any application that is not based on Google Play services.