PSU and Motherboard vendors are preparing for the new ATX12VO standard

ATX12VO adapter

A few days ago, PSU and Motherboard manufacturers weren’t looking happy with Intel’s decision of pushing the new ATX12VO standard on motherboards. This is due to the fact that manufacturers will have to make some major changes to their products.

However, a German site HardwareLuxx has confirmed that a few vendors are ready to adapt to the changes and have already readied some of their products for this new change. The news comes from the conversation of Roman der8auer Hartung to some vendors. Out of several motherboard vendors, only Asus and ASRock responded.

ASRock is set to launch their Z590 Pro motherboard this year with the 10-pin ATX12VO connector HardwareLuxx confirms that Asus is developing Prime Z490-S with ATX12VO connector. Here is how the new connector will look like-

ASRock Z590 Pro ATX12VO

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From the pic, you can see that the connector is far smaller than the standard 24-pin ATX connector and is more power-efficient. Right now many motherboard manufacturers are hesitant to use the new connector in their products due to the reasons I stated earlier in my previous post.

However, the vendors are going to adopt the new technology gradually. Where mobo manufacturers can be seen preparing for the motherboards with ATX12VO standard, some PSU manufacturers have also confirmed that they have some ATX12VO-ready power supply units.

Seasonic for example has a Focus GX650 unit which uses a 10-in ATX connector and approved by Intel and is currently making more. Corsair is also in the scene and already has a 24-pin to 10-pin adapter for the motherboards that use the ATX12VO standard connector.

ATX12VO adapter

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