RansomeEXX threatens Intel and AMD with leaked documents



Cyber attacks are becoming more and more frequent event these days. Recently, the renowned OEM of PC component manufacturer Gigabyte suffered a ransomware attack.

The exact amount of damage is not clear yet. But the group of hackers is threatening to release 112 GB of business data on the dark web if their demands are not met.

The claim has been confirmed over a phone call by The Record. The attack was carried out in their internal servers. A group named RansomExx is taking the credit. Gigabyte is currently investigating how they were able to breach the system, stole and copied the files.

Gigabyte didn’t disclose the names or what has been affected by the ransomware attack. But thanks to the Record, who was able to get access to the details of the attack on the dark web. The data breach includes many NDA documents related to AMD, Intel, American Megatrends.

A similar kind of incident happened with Acer earlier this year, where another group of hackers named as REvil ransomware claimed around $50 million from Acer.

As the world is getting more digitalized, the aspect of cybersecurity is also increasing. And with the current situation where many people are working from home, it is indeed a point of concern for the organization.